Genshin Impact‘s next big update — the one introducing the finale to the Liyue storyline as well as a reputation system and all kinds of useful features — is just five short (or long… 2020’s like that) days away. With its release looming, miHoYo has decided to offer players more details on what some of the new things coming to the game will be and how they will work. So, rather early this morning, the company dropped a new post on the game’s site highlighting the new reputation system and changes to some of the game’s systems.

Of course, the lead item is the new reputation system and the post offers information on how to unlock the system. You’ll have to unlock it in both regions separately and we’ll just assume that will be the case going forward. Overall, an adventure rank of 25 is required to unlock reputation, period. Beyond that, players will need to have completed specific quests in each region to be able to access it. And of course each region will offer its own rewards.

Increasing reputation requires taking part in a selection of activities: region quests, world exploration (as you’ve been doing), bounties, and requests. For the most part it seems players will just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing. Rewards include things like gadget blueprints, special city features, recipes, cosmetics, and more. The gadget blueprints will provide players with new ways to get around, even being able to summon wind when you need a literal lift.

In addition to the reputation system, the update will also provide players with ways to track their exploration progress for each area. This includes things like opening chests, finding the Oculi and unlocking waypoints. A new archive system is being added as well. It will be divided into five categories: Tutorials, Geography, Equipment, Materials, and Books, and offer players a more organized way to work with each of these items. We all know what a pain in the ass leveling items can be because you’re more or less just scrolling through everything available. The new system will help with this by allowing players to filter items.

A similar archive system is also being made available for characters, allowing players to sort by element and weapon type in order to find exactly who they need.

Of course, this post is just a general rundown of the information available in miHoYo’s post. So, if you want to know everything there is to know, you’ll have to hit up the Genshin Impact site.

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