Another small update hit Genshin Impact today, ending the Unreconciled Stars event and adding a new story quest as well as the character to go along with it. As of today, Genshin players can now add Zhongli to the list of characters they might get when making wishes. Zhongli is a Geo vision and the second character in the game to wield a polearm (and is useful when forging them). Like other Geos, he can create shields and generate a good bit of AOE damage. You can see him in action in the videos below.

The banner that Zhongli is featured in also boasts a second new character, a four-star Pyro by the name of Xinyan. Videos for Xinyan aren’t up yet. As always, players will be able to try the new characters out in the Test Run feature under the Events tab and earn some useful items for their trouble.

Accompanying the addition of Zhongli to the lineup is a new story quest, Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act 1. This content requires players to have hit Adventure Rank 40 in order to unlock it with a Story Key.

In addition to today’s content, miHoYo has also announced a Gliding Challenge that will begin on December 4th. The details of the event — other than that it involves gliding — are sparse, but we do know it will reward players with materials for leveling their talents. The same tweet that revealed the gliding event is also teasing an event titled “While It’s Warm”, but that’s all we know about that one.

Speaking of tweets, miHoYo also revealed that Genshin Impact is the recepient of three Google Play Awards: “Best Game of 2020, “User Choice”, and “Best Innovative Games”. So we’re going to guess that means it’s doing okay.

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