Genshin Impact's TCG Has Been Leaked In Its Entirety

At this point, what hasn't been leaked?

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TCG Genshin Leak

Genshin Impact first revealed their plans for an in-game TCG a few months back during their Special Program event for version 3.1, now, this upcoming addition has apparently been revealed in its entirety to the public–in normal Genshin Impact fashion.

The title of the TCG is said to be Genius Invokation and it should arrive in the next update. The game will feature 211 cards–all of which have already been leaked–and will feature a variety of popular faces, food dishes, elemental types, and more. This new mode will thankfully have online matchmaking, allowing players to play together (although no rewards will be given from a PvP win). The game will also feature weekly commissions, but will only unlock after reaching level 2.

Many NPC characters will be spaced out around the world of Teyvat for the Traveler to find and duel against. These NPC characters will be able to be found with a new tracking gadget that should also arrive when the TCG officially drops. Each turn, players will get eight Elemental Dice, one for each Genshin Impact element, and a flexible one which can be then rolled before taking turns to act and finish a turn. Players will be able to have one action during their turn to either switch their Active Character, discard a card to change the elemental type of one of the dice, or using their character’s skills.

Again, all of this is simply going off leaks, so once more official data launches we will be happy to share. If you want to peek at the cards, though, you can do so on this reddit post.

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