Get Ahead Of The Curve On The Elder Scrolls Online’s New Scribe System With A New Tutorial Video

Learn everything you need to know about how to craft and customize your own abilities.

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ESO Scribing

Players of The Elder Scrolls Online have less than two months of waiting for a highly requested feature. Back in January, the ESO team announced plans to bring Scribing to the MMORPG, and the wait for it will come to an end in June when the Gold Road Chapter arrives.

With about two months left, why are we talking about this now? Because, the devs decided to give players some early instruction on how to use the new feature – that way they can hop right into it when it drops.

A new video, posted on The Elder Scrolls Online site today (originally shared at the 10-Year Anniversary event in Amsterdam), instructs players on how to use the new system. Project Lead Kira Ross Schlitt gives players the rundown.

The system adds 11 new skills called "Grimoires" to the game. These skills are customized using Scripts. There are three types of Scripts that players can use to fine-tune the skill: Focus Scripts, Signature Scripts, and Affix Scripts. Focus Scripts define the skill’s main function, Signature Scripts add effects, and finally, Affix Scripts provide buffs or debuffs.

To access this feature, players will need to talk to NPCs offering related quests. This will give them access to the Scalarium where they’ll be able to access their Grimoires and alter them. The video shows players how to use the altar and the Grimoires, and offers a look at what some of the abilities that players will be able to pick up and modify.

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