Sol, Goddess of the Sun, has become the latest combatant to be added to the roster in Hi-Rez Studios’ free to play MOBA, SMITE. Harnessing the power of the Sun, Sol focuses on keeping high amounts of heat to increase the effectiveness of her abilities. Popping in and out of an incorporeal form is the key to being able to play Sol effectively. Reign down her ultimate, Supernova, and paint brush your way to 8 strikes from the sun to take out your foes.

Check out the Sol reveal page for all of the details and the complete move list.

Don’t care about Sol? Well here’s the complete patch overview for you so you know what else has changed in the world of SMITE, including some Halloween updates.

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  1. She’s a really fun goddess, too bad she just doesn’t shut up. “Now I’m angry” “Now I’m angry” “Now I’m angry” “Now I’m angry” “Now I’m angry” “Now I’m angry” “Now I’m angry” “Now I’m angry” FUUUUU


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