Gothic Pirate Singer Aurelio Voltaire Stars In Skullpunch Island Update In Adventure Quest 3D

There's a level cap increase and monster drop cosmetics available now.

Anthony Jones
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Adventure Quest 3

Today, Artix Entertainment revealed the "Return To Skullpunch Island" update to Adventure Quest 3D, which stars gothic pirate singer and performer Aurelio Voltaire. Travel to Skullpunch Island with the guitar-wielding in-game version of Voltaire to battle cursed creatures inside a volcano and collect Cap'n Chumbeard's treasure.

You'll be getting very acquainted with Voltaire through this bit of content and earn some monster-dropped cosmetics such as a Batwing Cutless or Bone Turtle Pet in-between various activities. Also, Artix is raising the level cap to 36. Throughout your journey through Skullpunch Island, you'll likely hit the cap between slaying monsters and finding items.

Starting out, you'll come across Voltaire's black guitar in Mysterious Johnson's Oddity's Shop, which leads players on a wild chase to find a treasure map Voltaire lost in a card game. Players will defend him on the Black Betty, Captain Fangface's ship, and battle Voltaire's mutinied crew alongside other Vampirates and sea monsters. Skullpunch Island is not a safer place either, as players will fight their way through a volcano and find keys to unlock the treasure room. After players complete the event, they can try it again on Challenge Mode with their friends.

For more details on the event and everything it offers, read up on the announcement at the Adventure Quest 3D website.

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