Do you like stats and charts? Who doesn’t? Whether you do or not, Grinding Gear Games has some numbers to spit out regarding the use of oils in Path of Exile‘s Blight league, and if you get a little queasy reading about “oils” and “spitting out,” I don’t blame you.

On the PoE blog, you can see what the most common notable anointments and ring enchantments are in the last week of the Blight league. Anointments that favor necromancers minions are quite common, whether accounting for cost or not. For rings, Meteor Tower Additional Meteor is easily #1 when accounting for cost and even #10 when you don’t, despite its high cost. Yo dawg, I heard you liked Meteors so I got an Additional Meteor in your Meteor Tower.

Overall, 57% of the top four oils are being used in all notable anointments, while that shoots up to 80% when talking about ring enchantments. And if all that isn’t enough math for you, the blog finishes by promising that “Next week we’ll talk more about Oil statistics, including the overall breakdown of Oil use on Blighted Maps.” Can’t wait!

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