Gaijin has just announced the start of the closed beta and the release of a new Alpha gameplay trailer for War Thunder’s upcoming tank expansion, Ground Forces. The trailer marks the first time Gaijin has shown their response towards the current reigning champion World of Tanks, which has dominated the Free-to-Play tank space since its release. Judging by the trailer, WoT’s reign may be in serious jeopardy.

One of the highly touted features said to make an appearance in Ground Forces involves the integration of both ground and aerial combat. By the 40th second in the trailer I began wondering why I hadn’t seen any mention of planes despite watching what appeared to be an anti-aircraft tank shooting towards the sky. A few seconds later, “hey a plane!..and there it goes.”

The inclusion of a poorly piloted bi-plane (seriously who flies that low towards a tank?) being shot from the sky solidifies our hope that Ground Forces will indeed make strides in combining the two into one cohesive gaming experience, although it is unknown to what extent. With the success of War Thunder on both PC and it’s recent release on PS4, Gaijin Entertainment is in a prime position to completely usurp Wargaming’s monopoly on F2P tank warfare and surpass them as the leading provider of World War 2 vehicular combat.

Players who participated in the special events Gaijin hosted within War Thunder should check their emails to see if they have received their Ground Forces closed beta invitation. Player’s who aren’t interested in waiting can purchase special collector’s tank packs, which include unique premium vehicles, exclusive decals and titles. Gaijin says they will be gradually increasing the number of testers every day and will update the announcement with additional ways to earn beta keys soon.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. game would suck ground forces would suck there would be to hard to shoot down the air while shooting all the ground forces.

    • If you’ve played War thunder, the AA can be deadly, I imagine even more so if manned by players. Also, its doubtful people would line up their tanks in a nice little line for strafing runs from fighters…I have faith in Gaijin:)

  2. Merging them all together would ruin the concept. Everyone knows that the air has advantage over ground. That’d ruin the game.

    • I don’t think it would ruin the concept, when the concept is clearly “WWII era vehicular combat.” Also, with AA being available, the ground forces will have the means to counter the air forces.

    • I can tell you know nothing about the basic mechanics of the game.Nor did you see any of the footage in which they had ground players playing with air players at the same time. Don’t listen to this imbecile.

    • nope,you’re so wrong
      i am a player on this game,i’ve seen tanks gameplay
      they are very hard to spot when they are hiding behind trees or rocks
      tanks can shoot down planes,yes you heard me right,you can shoot down a plane in a tank
      in order for a plane to make SURE he puts you out of commision he needs to get in close
      when he does that,you can shoot his wing off or kill his pilot before he can drop the bombs or fire his rockets
      also from what gaijin is telling us,there will be player controlled AAA
      the AAA itself is a pain in the ass right now,it shoots down more people than i count on a daily basis
      imagine it controlled by players who can acctualy shoot straight 🙂

  3. Honestly if Gaijin can merge all three like they’re hoping to (adding in naval sometime) then this will be my go to game I think. I already prefer the piloting of war thunder compared to World of warplanes, and hope to try out the tanks sometime soon as well:) and mounted;)


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