Guild Wars 2 Expanding Dev Team Despite Smaller Expansions

Players already have a lot to look forward to.

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Guild Wars 2 Spring 2023 Studio Update

Back in February, ArenaNet announced that they would be shifting gears on development in Guild Wars 2. Rather than sticking with the existing pace of content delivery, the company decided that it would be best to switch to smaller, more frequent updates for the MMORPG. It should be no surprise to anyone that such a change would prompt questions from the players.

Today, the Guild Wars 2 team answered the more pertinent of those questions as part of the Spring 2023 Studio Update post.

One question answered in the post is whether or not the smaller expansions would result in the development team being downsized. We’re going to assume these are all good folks worried about the jobs of people who have been working to provide them with entertainment for a while now, so… relax. No downsizing here.

In fact, according to the answer, the team is being expanded. Primarily, they’re adding to content and systems design. This makes complete sense when considered with the next answer that explains that part of what is being focused on now is future-proofing the game. Code is being updated, development tools optimized, and the engine overhauled.

The post also offered players a look at what they can expect in the coming months. This includes things like the profession balance update that dropped today. May also includes the next update for the End of Dragons expansion on May 23. June is getting a lot of content, including the return of the Dragon Bash festival and a Cantha-Themed Fractal Dungeon. Past that, players can look forward to more infrastructure updates, improvements to WvW, and Expansion 4.

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