Keep the jack-o’-lantern on the front porch and don’t put up the Christmas decorations just yet — it’s still Halloween time, at least in Tyria.

ArenaNet has extended its Halloween celebration in Guild Wars 2, Shadow of the Mad King, for another week, giving players more time to farm up those Trick-or-Treat Bags, run the Mad King’s Labyrinth, or challenge the Clock Tower Jumping Puzzle… which I still haven’t beaten… and won’t this year…

In any case, if you’re one of those people who can’t get enough Halloween — and you know who you are — log into Guild Wars 2 until Nov. 8 to get your fix. Only 363 more days until next Oct. 31!

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  1. I hate this game now after spending many hours in it.. It’s not horizontal progression, it’s no point in progression.. you still do the same damage (little or no change) no matter what gear you have or where you go. It’s a pointless game once you hit max lvl.

    ESO changed to horizontal progression however because of the CP system you can become more powerful.. Just make GW2 dull.

  2. Only n!ggers and f@ggotz play this game. Hope all their mothers get raped by a pack of cooonsssssss. . White power n!ggers

    • Lol take a chill pill bro. Also don’t hate the people who like the game if you like it then play it otherwise don’t harrass the people who like the game. Personally I’m not into guild wars 2 but that doesn’t have me going around harrassing people and telling them off and only idiots play this game.

    • I mean it doesn’t have me going around and telling people off about how bad this game is and saying only idiots and stupid people playing this game. Bascially what I’m saying is if you like it play it otherwise who cares if people play the game guild wars 2 is a good game in my opinion but the game just isn’t good enough for me to wanna download and play it.


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