Guild Wars 2 has loot boxes, as you probably know, and while they don’t get anywhere near the hate of those in other games, ArenaNet has made some missteps along the way (and taken steps to correct them).

They, along with monetization in general, are the topic of a conversation between an editor at Gamasutra and ArenaNet’s Crystin Cox, who’s given the title of “game director and founder of commerce team.” The basic tenet of any kind of monetization is there, as Cox said that “Players shouldn’t feel bad at any point that they made a purchase.” She went on to say that loot boxes can serve a purpose, in allowing players to “get something for a bit of a discount,” which is true or not, depending on whether you want a specific item (in which they aren’t a discount) or are happy getting almost anything (in which they are).

On the topic of loot boxes in general, and the legislative efforts surrounding them around the world, Cox said that she doesn’t “have a lot of faith that that’s going to do a lot” and is worried that one or two bad decisions by developers will “end up nuking the entire thing from orbit” by outlawing loot boxes completely.

In addition to their one-on-one comments, you can see the slides for the talk Cox gave at GDC on the Gamasutra site.


  1. Can we please stop advertising this game. I got banned for running quality of life addons. The community leaders are garbage. I played for almost 2 years and there was nothing “fun”, everything was a constant grind . The community is not comptenent in doing any content that requires pressing anything other than 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. hey why are we dead… i was pressing the 1 key…

    This publisher is living off the fan base it had from the original guild wars games. – New players dont bother.

    • You got pwned in pvp lol. Game is alive and well always has been. You don’t sound like you would be a fun person to play with so that is probably why you found no groups then you were banned for the QQ!!!!!!!

    • Agreed, I started with a friend, he got banned for some other program he ran in background (antivirus , etc). So I was alone.
      The game sucked. If you pay attention the 3D are just painted graphics. I’ve walked to arcs, or mailboxes, or npcs, and you just slide off.. invisible wall.
      Recycled lazy mobs. You see regular human mob… End game, same mob just transparent because ghost lol but the target avatars is not invisible… Reused human avatars. so lazy n stupid.
      Everything skill less 1111.
      Zerg PvP.
      Pathetic pay expansion.
      Toxic fan Boise.
      If I criticed with facts this game on mmorpg dot com, they would permanently ban me. They sponsored it out, made it their top game for years and over Fam boid it.
      I own game. Refuse to reinstall, too much bad

  2. lootbox’s should be outlawed, there honestly a cheap gimic and form of gambling that does play on ones addiction. It is known that humans have what we call addictive traits, and its just wrong that companies play on those traits.


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