When ArenaNet tried offering Mount Adoption Licenses for Guild Wars 2 in November, things didn’t go so well. Coming as they did at the height of the Star Wars Battlefront II loot box controversy, the RNG skins were lambasted by many players, and the company promised to do better next time.

Today, ArenaNet made good on that promise, with a pair of new items in the Gem Store. The Istani Isles Mount Adoption License works exactly like the previous license, in that it grants the buyer a random mount skin that they don’t already own. The price is the same, at 400 Gems.

If you don’t want to deal with the RNG, though, there’s another option: the Istani Isles Mount Select License. For 1,200 Gems, you can choose any mount skin you want. That’s three times the price for the right to choose your mount skin; when I ran some numbers about what would be a fair price for the right to choose an item from an RNG box, I came up with something closer to four times the price of a loot box, so it seems like a good deal.

One thing I didn’t take into account in that article, however, was the size of the pool you’re pulling from. There are 15 Istani Isles mount skins, as compared to 30 in the first batch. Having three cracks to get something good from a batch of 15 is obviously better odds than making those same picks from a batch of 30. Still, it’s a nice gesture from ArenaNet, responding to negative feedback from customers and making good on a promise to improve things.

You can read the news article highlighting today’s additions — which include a new dye kit — on the GW2 site. Also, in monumental news, ArenaNet has now added the ability to sit in chairs in GW2, and even has a 42-part achievement for doing so all over Tyria, so get your butt into gear!


  1. I like some of the new skins. I already have a lovely jackal skin from the last random thing (the only one I bought) and therefore would not want another jackal one. If I could choose which species of mount the skin was for, I would be buying. But not at 1200 gems a pop. Nice to have the option I suppose, but too rich for one skin.


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