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Shiny… and I do mean SHINY… armor is landing in Guild Wars 2. Today, the game’s producer Paul Ella posted a teaser for the Legendary armor being introduced.

According to the post this armor, which is designed to reflect the success of raiders, is “complicated” — as far as armor creation goes. Even just addressing clipping took a lot of work and required making a wide array of concessions. The armor needed to be special and easily recognizable as belonging to a specific class — no matter what race they are.

Similar to legendary weapons, the armor allows players to select stats from those available in game. Rune use has also been addressed with players being able to swap them out easily.

All in all, the armor will be a nice perk for dedicated raiders. More details for those interested can be found on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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  1. guess it’s in the name mister grumpy , gw2 is not pay to win and never was . first of all you cannot buy any items in the ingame store that has any stats on it, only cosmetics. Typical reply from someone who hasn’t played the game ever or haven’t in a long time.

    probably as the post says it will be a reward or parts are gonna be a rewards for finishing PvE Heart of Thorns Raids. atleast it is something else to look out for although personaly i don’t care much about the legendary items as you can do well enough with full ascended gear.

  2. P2W is back, online gold farmer gona make killing on this,, and toxic comunitys will grow more! what happend to gw1 equel lv and stats.. at end come down to skill.. gw2 far fram that to day soo sad!!

    well at last get pve episode to play,, cant wait see goldspamers in chat about precurser mats


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