Guild Wars 2’s Next Update Looks Like It Will Add Awakened Mounts


Forget riding real, living, flesh-and-blood animals … Guild Wars 2 players will soon get to ride enslaved mummified corpses!

That what data miner that_shaman appears to have uncovered deep in the innards of GW2, which is a little late for its regularly scheduled next story update. He outlines what he found out in yesterday’s patch on Reddit, the highlight of which is an “Awakened Mounts Pack.” That seems to contain Awakened versions of the game’s five mounts: raptor, springer, skimmer, jackal, and griffon.

Other visual highlights include the poison-y-looking Venom Warblade, a set of Obsidian weapons, and the Elite Reinforcements Package, which contains “a Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket with multiple convenience upgrades for a new character, allowing you to quickly enjoy max-level gameplay.”


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