Recently we reported about Guild Wars 2 player reactions to the new RNG “Adoption License” system ArenaNet implemented for some of it’s skins. The Adoption License made 30 different mount skins available to players “at a discount”. The problem players have is that its a lootbox system with skins of varying quality.

And… well… you might have to actually make 30 purchases just to get the one skin you actually want. Obviously, players aren’t pleased.

Yesterday, ArenaNet responded to player complaints about the system with a blog post intended to help the community understand the thought process behind the Adoption License system, noting that they “made some missteps” and offering a list of what they believe to be the benefits of the system.

As far as the missteps go, the post notes the debate around RNG-based lootboxes in gaming, the uneven spread of skins across various acquisition types, and the overly large selection dropped in the lootboxes. They then followed this up with a list of benefits that they felt made the system worth it:

  • You get a brand-new, unique mount skin every time, for a substantial discount versus an individual purchase price.
  • It uses a progressive mechanic. Every license gives you a new skin to use and increases the odds of acquiring any remaining skins.
  • You’ve requested variety, and this is a way to support variety. Individual sale is a mechanic that works with a few, flashy skins. Using a grab bag mechanic gives us leeway to create skins to suit a wide range of player tastes while offering a lower price per skin.

They also noted that they won’t be making any changes to the current selection, but they’ve made note of player feedback for next time. As you’d probably expect, players are a bit disappointed.

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  1. Ok yes the way they handled it was shady. People couldve been happy with it if they hadve made the skins tradable for instance or not removed them from shop after promissing we could work towards them. I myself was mostly just irritated that the only good gerbil skin was locked behind an rng wall that im just to poor to ever make it through. But it was the rude way they addressed the player base who were trying to come up with solutions and basically blew them off and gave them the finger that pissed me off. A company that i once wholeheartedly trusted broke my trust by not only dipping in to shady practices so blatently and full force but also gave its player base the finger.

  2. This is what happens when people keep on encouraging Loot Boxes and keeps on buying them…

    And ESRB being an idiot and says it’s not Gambling…

    Can’t help it, pretty much all game companies have Loot Boxes in their games now, I have yet to see one (recently release and upcoming) that doesn’t have one…

  3. This is something that i keep seeing pop up here in this website and it kinda grinds my gears. If you want to get your point across that you don’t want this in a game simply don’t give them money for it and it should go away, if sales are bad. The next thing i wanted to mention is how these are cosmetic items… So again, you can keep your money in your wallet and not have it effect your game in pretty much anyway. Lastly, i don’t feel there is anything wrong with RNG skins.
    Some people do prefer the gambling style of obtaining things just as some people don’t. I get that you just want to buy the one or two skins you want to use out right and willing to pay more then the RNG gamble price a lot of the times. Its just that if you can’t afford to gamble then don’t and if you like a skin or skins and can afford it then go for and have fun either way. Just how i view things on this topic and as seeing with out often it keeps popping up on this website its not a very popular view.

  4. as much as i dont agree with this situation. just dont compare this to p2w schemes a skin is just cosmetic dont affect your in game level or atribuites to your chartacter its just to make your character look diferent. if u want a certain skin so bad and u actually get it. the circle will continue because u will then want another skin because u must have a new prefered skin. and so forth. so this is no more than a vicious cicle to keep u traped on spending your money more and more. some players will no resist to this exploit methods others will control themselves after spend a few hundred. and others will see ahead and understand the whole scheme and buy a skin or two once in a while.

  5. Well, I want one of those skins badly, but it might cost up to 120 EUR to me, which in my country is half the minimum monthly salary, let that sink in.
    If it were 400 gems, sure. If the recolors were packed in a 1600 bundle, sure. But this? This is just gatcha gem waste.

  6. Spoiled players, what else can i say …

    They always want what they like for minimal effort or completly free.
    Its only cosmetics, its not same OP item that makes it pay2win.

  7. HM mounts in GW2, I know it has been awhile since I played that title but didn’t they swear that there would never be mounts within the game? From what I recall they claimed it would ruin the title.

    • Well, it wasn’t something so “definitive”. They just said that mounts would be kinda useless in the world since there’re already waypoints and the maps aren’t that big…in fact in core Tyria that is kinda true, plus maps needed some fixes to prevent people from breaking too much outside the map.
      Plus they said that they wouldn’t just put mounts as a “speed booster”, and they did.

      PoF maps are made with that in mind, they’re much bigger than any other zone and are thought in a way that make mounts have a keyrole in traversing the various terrains.

  8. Stop crying. It’s a skin. Means sod all. At least they aren’t P2W items. If players are going to whinge, at least make it about a topic worthwhile, like the current state of the gaming industry or something.

    • Nicely said.

      The current state of the gaming industry is “chaotic”

      Mass releases of stupid games on stupid mobiles

      Mass release of stupid Early Access games, games just this second done & so unfinished & yet people are stupid enough to pay for them awaiting eternity !

      There’s the chaos just in 1 & 2.

    • As a GW2 players I can say that a lot of people is just waaaay to pampered from GW2’s model xD

      I can understand the whining behing the RNG factor, but a lot of people in the comments practically were just asking for free stuff. If you hear them everything in the gemstore should be aviable in game…which is certainly a nice idea, but works only on P2P titles like WoW and FFXIV that can self sustain themselvers with a monthly fee.

      After it’s not like the funds in the gemstore just gets soaked up by Anet without giving anything in return. Living Story episodes are practically funded by the gemstore, and they have been steadily increasing in size…LS3 delivered a new map with story, achievements, skins and other rewards every 2-3 months. With 6 releases in an year it was like receiving a second expansion almost for free.
      From now on it seems like it will be a costant cycle of content, going seamlessly from xpac, to LS, to the next xpac every 2-3 months or so.

      But yeah, let’s bash Anet because they try to monetize skins like every other game xD


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