GW2's Latest Expansion Zone Is The Jade Sea, "Imbued With The Power Of Dragons"

Was turned solid hundreds of years ago, now "powers the Canthan Empire."

Jason Winter
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GW2 Jade Sea

The next zone up for display from Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons expansion is the Jade Sea, which got its own teaser video today. Hundreds of years ago, the Jade Wind petrified everything it touched, and that included the waters of the sea, which now facilitate travel by foot and can be "mined" for its unique resources.

"Imbued with the power of dragons," the Jade now "powers the Canthan Empire" "toward prosperity and industry" -- and also looks really nice when embedded in armor, by the looks of it. Oh, did we mention that it's going to be used, "no matter the consequences"? Because we're sure that this dragon-infused solid green water is a totally stable resource that won't cause any problems at all!

ArenaNet will reveal more about the Jade Sea in this week's Guild Chat stream at noon Pacific. Links to the various sources can be found in the post on the GW2 site.

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Another great game. but it kind of muffles me these days. ..want of better word. :)

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