The final episode of the third season of Guild Wars 2‘s Living Story is now live. Episode 6: One Path Ends concludes the story arc that began last year and — if the title is any indication — probably preps players for a new path, possibly coming in the next expansion.

One Path Ends introduces a new zone, Siren’s Landing, as well as a pair of new legendary weapons (sword and hammer), and a new fractal, the Shattered Observatory. You’ll need to have the Heart of Thorns expansion purchased to unlock the new episode. That will set you up with a free level 80 boost, which gets you into the new content quickly.

Check out the Guild Wars 2 site for full patch notes on One Path Ends, or head over to the subreddit today, where the devs will be chatting about the update with fans.

UPDATE: The expansion has been announced! Well, the announcement of the announcement of the expansion, that is. It’ll be revealed on Aug. 1 at 9:00 PDT via this website and GW2’s social media outlets.

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