Gwent's Annual "Saovine" Halloween Event Returns Today, Solve Geralt's Murder Mystery

You'll follow the story of Geralt and Dandelion as they uncover a murder mystery.

Anthony Jones
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Gwent Halloween Event

The annual Halloween-themed "Saovine" event is now available in Gwent, offering a selection of spooky in-game rewards, avatars, currency, and more until November 7. If you missed last year, CD Projekt Red also brought back previous event items.

For a limited-time, players can join the Halloween festivities in Gwent by following the story of Geralt and Dandelion as they try to solve a murder mystery. Those participating will earn Pearls, the event currency exchangeable for avatars, frames, and cardbacks with a Halloween-styled twist. Moreover, fans can gain in-game resources such as Ore and Meteorite Powder that will be useful for general play.

CD Projekt Red has re-introduced items like the Bat Wings and Pumpkin Trinket from past Saovine events for fans who missed out. These are limited-time, of course, so grabbing them now would be good just in case they never bring them back again.

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