Things have apparently been pretty busy at Blizzard, as they’ve been teasing and announcing things for several of their games. Two of the games we talk about here — Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm — are part of that tease blitz, with both having new content and features on the horizon.

In the world of Hearthstone, a video was posted recently highlighting new decks that will be introduced with the game’s next expansion: The Witchwood. The new decks — known as Odd and Even decks — are based off two new cards, Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane. Both are start of game cards that reward players for performing specific actions. In the case of Baku, players will receive a Hero Power upgrade for having a deck with only odd-Cost cards. Genn on the other hand will drop the starting Hero Power cost to 1 mana if included in a deck made up of only even-Cost cards. Both cards are neutral and can be used with any class.

More details on how these cards work can be found in the video below.

Moving on to Heroes of the Storm, another character familiar to StarCraft fans is headed to the Nexus… Just in time for StarCraft’s 20th anniversary. A short teaser video for the praetor of the Protoss Defense Forces, Fenix was posted on Twitter yesterday. Although he might not look exactly the way players remember him — with with the dragoon tank and all.


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