Just six months after its official launch, Hearthstone already has seen 20 million players pass through the innkeeper’s doors. As announced on the game’s Twitter account:

That’s double what Blizzard announced right around the game’s launch in March. Of course, Hearthstone enjoyed a lengthy beta period — closed in August 2013 and open in January 2014 — and has since expanded from PC to MacOS, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

By comparison, Magic: The Gathering claimed 12 million active players as of November 2011. The numbers aren’t directly comparable, since many Hearthstone players would no longer be classified as “active,” but the number that are still around after a year are probably still a significant fraction compared to the leader in the CCG field, two decades after its launch.

Are you still playing Hearthstone?


  1. Blizzard trolling us. What we really want to know, is how many of those 20 million registered users logged in the past week? I personally did register for hearthstone, proceeded to play teh tutorial and about 10 minutes of actual gameplay vs. a real person then uninstalled.

    Willing to bet the number is somewhere around 0.5%.

  2. i lost faith in humanity after these numbers… how can people play such a shit, well people play CoD and league of retards…. guess this is normal after all!

  3. I am currently active on both Magic and Hearthstone, and I have a few things to note:

    – Sometimes, HS feels more like an easier version o Magic, somewhat like an introductory level. I know this only happens because I am familiar with Magic, but still. For people that are familiar with the big gun, HS may feel a bit underwhelming.

    – Although the gameplay has some similarities (I’m aware of their differences) I feel like both games shouldn’t be directly compared. Not just by throwing statistics, at least. MTG has a history of paper, or physical, dominance, and that made the company lean towards that aspect. That creates one major difference: It becomes instantly Pay-to-Play, even if you buy just an Intro Pack.

    – In recent years, MTG:Online has been reformulated and re-developed in order to appeal to costumers more, that’s true, but it also has an entry-fee of (around) 10 bucks. That, along side the fact that the payment methods aren’t exactly friendly for minors, sets a person back, knowing that it requires investment in order to have fun and enjoy the game.

    – With that said, I feel like the online versions should be compared, yes, but we should try to stay away from the Digital vs Physical version. HS has the advantage of being a free game, that requires zero costs in order to enjoy it (although you can’t quite enjoy it fully *cough* Naxxramas) but Magic offers the depth and complexity some players may find lacking in HS.

    – In the end, it’s all more of a matter of what do you want from the game? Do you prefer a more complex, with a higher learning-curve game? or do you crave for a more bohemic, casual-like version. I do things both games are good in their own way, and both have good and bad aspects.

  4. You can play this game without investing money, yes. But no, you can’t participate in certain game modes (ranked /high tier), because decks built from $$$ are infinitely superior.
    Ps: Also, even you paying for decks, the chance to have people repeating cards is absurd, it becomes repetitive and tedious so fast.

  5. I like it. It’s a fun relaxing game to play while watching tv. I only play one or two games a day to complete the daily quest and arena occasionally if I have the gold.

  6. No, i never liked it… the mechanics are way to simple for me… it’s boring and childish.

    I’m playing Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. It’s more fun for me and rewarding for me.

  7. I find the PvE aspect much more rewarding. Honestly, PvP just consists of a bunch of players running almost the exact same decks ( which are made by the high ranking popular players on Twitch, i.e. Reynad and Trump ) over and over. I remember when I still played the game, I played like 10 matches and over half of them were Hunter and out of all the Hunters I played I was seeing identical cards played in an identical fashion. Everyone just plays the crap out of whatever the flavor of the month class/deck is and that makes for a pretty boring experience for everyone who’s looking for some variation.

    However, the Naxxramus challenges were pretty enjoyable. I only played the 3 F2P Naxxramus challenges though, I didn’t buy all the rest. But if they made like, a full fledged, single-player story mode where I don’t have to play against real players who just want to spam Zoo decks, and can instead play against challenging AI opponents, along with some lore thrown in, I’d go back to Hearthstone.

    • i never used high ranked decks, i just don’t find them interesting, i make my own decks even tho they are not that great, but at least im having fun 😀

    • My problem with the Naxx adventure was that it wasn’t difficult because of a “challenging AI” – hell, I saw a video where Grobbulus didn’t use his Heroic Strike for multiple consecutive turns while he had it (visible via Mind Vision) and he had lethal with it – it was difficult because the AI received bloody overpowered cards and hero powers which made fights more often than not all about getting the right cards at the right time while hoping that the AI does not. (For example: Thoughtstealing Runeblade against Razuvious while he does not draw into them.)

  8. I sorta lost interest in the game. I thought the raids would bring me back but it was only entertaining for a couple of days when I was on vacation ever since I haven’t touched the game.

  9. The question is how many people left the game because of incompetent blizzard stuff.
    – still no permanent squelch
    – still your opponent is not informed that he is muted
    – still no chat
    – instead of chaining and removing RNg cards they added even more with NAX. The games are won because of a coin flip and not skill
    – huge time pay to win
    – pathetic balance. warlock still not nerfed. savage roar is still not 4 mana. thoughsteal is still not removed from the game etc.

    the game is a joke

    • Definitely not p2w, you millinials seem to have the definition confused. I pretty much got all the cards for free by arena runs (sorry you can't suck though). Easy to go 7+ wins all day. But it got boring and constructed is even worse. It's just a huge gr

      Definitely not p2w, you millinials seem to have the definition confused. I pretty much got all the cards for free by arena runs (sorry you can’t suck though). Easy to go 7+ wins all day. But it got boring and constructed is even worse. It’s just a huge grind to legendary, not skill. There is no skill at all I’d say. Mostly luck. Not what other cards games are where you have to think and strategize.

    • While I agree that RNG makes up a huge part of the game (definitely more than what’s healthy), skill probably has some weight – what else would be the reason that some people will end up at Legend rank every season?

      Balance has some issues, most likely a part of Blizzard’s style of roller-coaster-buffing/nerfing things – they take turns at being the most powerful and the weakest.

      Warlocks are in a hard spot, they’re already limited at using their hero power by health, while the card advantage it provides is huge unless completely remade it’ll be impossible to balance without breaking it even more than it is.
      Savage Roar is completely fine, if the druid has board advantage it’ll help him push it, if he doesn’t then it’s useless apart from turn9+ FoN combo.
      Removing Thoughtsteal? Priest was considered the weakest class pre-Naxx, it’s basically an Arcane Intellect that does not guarantee synergy with what you have (could even give 100% dead cards like Deadly Poison or Blade Flurry).
      The projected 5mana 3/2 change to Starving Buzzard will probably make that card completely useless except for turn8+ UtH combo.

      Balance is a very fragile thing, you can’t just run around nerfing things without taking consequences into consideration. If you change something because it’s part of a very powerful combo and balance it around that combo, it’ll be completely useless apart from that particular combo which is really close to the worst state a card can get in (worse being “completely useless in any circumstance” like the aforementioned Deadly Poison on Priest).


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