Knights of the Frozen Throne did pretty well for Hearthstone. How well? According to SuperData, so well that it set a new monthly record for revenue.

Hearthstone hit an “all-time revenue peak” in August, SuperData’s latest report says, marking a 15% increase over its previously best month. The free-to-play CCG’s success helped drive U.S. digital games revenue year-over-year — i.e., compared to August 2016 — which is even more impressive when you consider that World of Warcraft: Legion launched on Aug. 30, 2016.

Despite its big month, though, Hearthstone doesn’t crack SuperData’s top 10 in PC or mobile revenue. PC F2P games that do include League of Legends (#1), Crossfire (#4), World of Tanks (#7), and Dota 2 (#10). PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds vaults onto the list at #5, which means it probably shouldn’t be too concerned about Fortnite.


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