After a multi-year open beta that saw more than eight million registered players, Reto-Moto’s WW2 shooter Heroes & Generals has now launched.

With three nations, six classes, over 60 weapons, and more than 65 vehicles, including tanks, planes, jeeps, and other transports, Heroes & Generals gives players a wide range of options to equip themselves for battle. In addition to one-off battles, players can participate in battles that impact the larger, persistent war over a map of Europe or play as “generals,” strategically deploying their nation’s forces and letting the “heroes” fight it out on the battlefield.

As with most online games’ launch, whether that be into early access, alpha, beta, or full release, there’s more to come, as Game Director Jacob Andersen said:

“We are very proud to launch Heroes & Generals. We have been working on the game for several years, and we look forward to continuing our work with expanding the game and the experience, adding features and content with regular updates for many years to come. This is only the beginning.”

You can download and play Heroes & Generals via Steam or the game’s website.

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  1. Fully launch without a 32vs32 room, when bf, ro2, squad all supported 64+ people to fight in same room, and I dont even want to mention Planetside2 but here I am, watching devs adding more toys into the game.

    • Won’t comment on “turd” part, since I know opinions are like buttholes. What I can say though is that they’ve polished nothing. It looks more like a cheap way to get a promotion without having to do anything. They need everything they can get to stay afloat now that there are more WW2 shooters on the way.

  2. My only gripe with that game literally is the costs of repairs for grenades. I wanted to be a grenadier. I was doing extremely well, with them avg 7 kills per match and higher games of 13-15 kills. Unlocking titles and badges or w/e they are called that give buffs to your char, hit my veteran bonus, and said there’s no way i’m gonna run outta cash now!!! But i was wrong. Very sadly wrong. The costs were so incredibly high i could barely cover it all. I suppose if i wanted to earn a gun in the game eventually i could go with that. I’m just siting it out till they adjust those prices for repairs. Great game besides this tho. I’d highly recommend it to others. Idk… go watch a YouTube Vid and see if its for you. 🙂

    • In other words, your only gripe is that you can’t ruin everyone else’s day with even more grenades. Grenade spam is already insanely out of control. It’s instant kill and it takes no skill. Most people just use grenades as a guaranteed kill (and possible suicide) solution for close range because kill + suicide is still better than what they usually get with normal weapons.

      If they are going to adjust prices, it will be to make grenade resupplies more costly, not less. Or if they are ever to bring the prices down, it will only be along with some other kind of limitation on the number of grenades you can use.

      Better learn to shoot or you’ll be “sitting it out” forever. Also there was no such thing as “grenadiers” (as in soldiers who’s main weapon is hand grenades) in WW2. So yeah, learn to shoot, this isn’t Battlefield Metro. Thank the shooter gods it isn’t, H&G already has enough flaws without even more grenade spam.

  3. its not pay to win in my opinion. true you can buy weapons but the stats on weapons are not as high as the weapons you already have. plus you can buy those weapons if you grind up enough in game currency so yeah there’s that. This is a game of skill so no matter how good your weapon is if you can’t aim you are dead. 3 shots will take you down no matter what weapon you use.

  4. Its a poor pay to win game. You have to buy all items. Pay for gun and shovel or you cant even enter the game. You get a crappy gun and the enemy comes with a bazooka. Good joke.
    Grahpics? You would wish it be like the trailers but its not. Its really bad. Gameplay? Don’t even want to start with that.
    Who would play this game while there are many other free to play games which are way better. This looks like an old battlefield game.

    But hey. The game is free so downlaod it and see how crappy it is. Im not going to stop you. I only want to save your time.

  5. Steam comments say this is an unfinished pay to win game.

    Honestly, this game feels like a Battlefield 1942 0.8.
    1: Grindfest. Yes its f2p but you even have to pay for ammo… not only for special ammo, even for standard ammo, yes you have a quite big stock, but ffs… is it meant to be realistic? failed. – also have to pay for your infantry shovel.. guys, cmon these are standard issue equipment…
    2: Battles are empty. “Yey, an enemy!”
    3: No atmosphere. And this is the best word to describe the “0.8” thing. It really feels like a bunch of the assets are still not included. U see the trailer? The game is nothing like that..

  6. It seems such a brave act for a early access game today to actually come out and say this game is complete.
    I got far to many shelved that have done nothing at all. (what a nerve)
    Anyway this one was a good a game and its great its made the leap outside of the box.
    watch for the dlc will it be free or will ya have to pay, again.

  7. What community lol most people icr in the forms trading accounts. It’s very rare I see an article or video on the site itself get over 15 to 20 comments if that. Maybe they get more over time I don’t go back and look. I could be wrong but there seems to be a lack of community on mmobomb.

      • try it man dun listen to them they call everything p2w even if a f2p mmo doesn’t have a cash shop they would still call it p2w

        welcome to the mmobomb community

        • What do you say to the premium stuff at the end of each round? If you pay money you get unfair advantages. You can buy weapons and better eqiupment. pay to win shit

      • The grind is very heavy in this game. Which combined with vertical progression (late game stuff is more powerful) makes the game rather brutal on beginners.

        As for pay to win… you can buy all the gear with in-game currency and you get premium currency daily just by playing. This game has plenty of problems, but “pay to win” is not one of them. Not in a real sense anyway, only in a “I’m a dumb hater, games are a scam, the devs are a lowest life form” sense.


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