In discussing Paladins Battlegrounds in the latest F2P Cast, we opined that Hi-Rez Studios is the type of company that tends to take what’s been done before and put their own twist on it, whether that be a MOBA, hero shooter, or CCG. It appears that the top man at the company feels the same way.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Hi-Rez CEO Erez Goren says that his company always tries to be original and “put our own spin on games, whether the community believes it or not,” but he understands that, as the saying goes, there’s nothing really new under the sun. “All the games are kinds of iterations of some other creative input” and he doesn’t believe that there are “any pure, creative thoughts that you can’t find in any game right now.”

He’s right, for the most part. While there are the occasional breakthrough games, like Minecraft or DayZ, nearly every successful game bears some (and often great) resemblance to what came before. I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley and Path of Exile lately, and — great as those games are — they’re hardly the first farming simulator or ARPG ever. The question is whether your game can do something better than similar games that came before and find an audience. With a “yes,” you get Overwatch. With a “no,” you get LawBreakers.

Nobody really knows yet how things will go with Paladins Battlegrounds. We might all be snickering at it a bit now, but we snickered at Fortnite Battle Royale, too — and heck, even Paladins itself — and how did all that turn out?

Naturally, Goren goes on to say that Paladins Battlegrounds “doesn’t feel like those games [PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite], it feels like a different version of that, but for our audience it should be something that complements the game very well.” So it’s the same, but different, which is, admittedly, a spin that nearly every company puts on its games these days.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Big budget games from companies like Hi-Rez are now utterly devoid of original thought. The only innovation you’ll see will be from indie devs.

  2. So this is a clear admission of them ruining the game on purpose. They don’t try to be creative and don’t listen to their playerbase, so there is no excuse for them implementing the worst possible game mechanics found in different games.

    Damn, I even left weeks before they ruined the cards, due to the game being completely broken. Can’t imagine myself playing this garbage anymore.

  3. This game died to me as of open beta 64 whenever they decided not to listen to the entire community and ignore our thoughts and go ahead with cards Unbound I mean for Christ’s sake we made videos after videos after videos hundreds thousands of Reddit threads we destroyed their forms for weeks their dislike ratio on all their YouTube videos is so ridiculous but they ignored community and released it anyways and now this I hope hi-rez Burns to the ground

    • I dropped Paladins after they introduced VIP and removed weekly crystals from log-ins.

      They decide to go with the P2W route, saw this coming even before they introduced the new Card system.

    • Hey at least compared to some other devlopers at least Hi-Rez games tend to be fun. I enjoy smite a ton when I don’t want to play LoL or Dota. I prefer some aspects of paladins compared to overwatch and I occasionally enjoy Hand of the gods if I wanna play a CCG. So even if they are just copying whats popular what’s wrong with that if they do it in a way that makes the game fun and unique.

      • Fun you say?

        If by Fun you mean P2W, sure….

        And how the well would BR even be for Hero shooter when everyone have different abilities and damage?

        BR is only “semi-balanced” (as in end-game, beginning is still RNG) because everyone can obtain exactly the same loot at end-game, same weapon, same armor, same damage, same HP.

        Hero Shooter all have their own unique abilities that increase their damage, armor, shield, HP regen…

        So is every Hero going to have exact same HP, damage, fire rate and only using auto? (well too bad, trailer already proven this to be false), meaning it isn’t balanced in any sort of way… so how’s it going to be fun?

        Especially since the talk right now is “Teaming” as people group up with Tanks and Supports… LUL… will Hi-Rez be banning people for Teaming?

        ___ ___ ___

        Also, Paladin used to be “fun” back in early/mid CBT when they had their own unique map and game mode, which in late CBT they decide to just copy Overwatch’s game mode and removed their old maps and game mode… Fun… sure… coping others is fun yes….

  4. pfft …. narrow minded, everytime someone says that to me I cringe, if there’s no more creative thought under the sun for someone relay that issue to someone new i’m sure you’ll be surprised in the course of a week being it good or bad. Creative thought doesn’t come out on demand it takes it’s time to develop, grow and mature and it is extremely hard to show up when you’re working 10+ hours doing your daily routines.

  5. Remember when the recording industry was taken over by big business? Now imagine music cost tons of money to produce. How many creative, original bands do you think would exist?

    Not many, not many at all.


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