In less than 24 hours Hi-Rez studios will be shutting down the forums for all their titles. This includes SMITE, Global Agenda, and Tribes: Ascend. In their place, Hi-Rez is recommending players visit social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch.

In a post which appeared on each of Hi-Rez’s official sites, the company said they had noticed an increase in players visiting the aforementioned social media outlets in lieu of the official sites. To this I politely say, “bullshit!”, not because I think social media sites don’t produce community discussion, but because official forums are often the FIRST place players visit if they are experiencing any technical issue. Furthermore, many players are not socialites (we are after all gamers) and do not use or even know how to use sites like Reddit effectively.

As you can imagine, the gamers affected by these changes are not pleased and for good reason. A development company with several currently successful titles should not seek to rely on unofficial venues as middlemen between the developers and gamers.

Relative forum threads can often last for weeks on the front page, remaining relevant while possibly receiving intermittent dev updates all the while. By contrast, a popular Reddit post will usually only last a few days at most and will quickly be replaced. Searching for resolutions to issues which have since been archived may also prove challenging due to Reddit’s search parameters.

And what happens when one media outlet no longer becomes relevant? Will there be another shift in where players must go? It’s just really hard to see how this is beneficial to anyone other than Hi-Rez.

The company has stated it will continue to interact with players through their own live streams and community-based channels. They also plan on having more Youtube content that will increase connectivity between Hi-Rez staff and players. Links to the each game’s respective social outlets and the full post can be found here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. This is utter bullshit. It takes 90% less time to type ‘SMITE TWITTER’ in google, and click the first link… than it does to go to practically any video games webpage, then forums, then search server status and read through everyones issue. Forums are great for long-standing debates & discussions, but they are HUGELY inefficient when you want information quickly.

  2. i hate reddit 🙂 hardly use twitter only for warframe alerts XD and i think forums are much more “fun” to talk in 🙂 not like there is 54895639 facebook post and u get every single f**king notification for every single player that writes something after you .. well i got bored of their games after 1-2 hours xD so i cant say its affecting me any way its just not fair for their community 🙂

  3. I dont really see that big of an issue with this? For a player like myself i dont really feel the need to go on the forums. This will not affect me in anyway shape or form and i cant seem to understand why everyone is so upset with this. Do you honestly have that much technical problems with there games that you have to have an official forums dedicated to it? I dont, and i never have nor will. Big deal, now i have to use google to find a solution to my issue. How on earth will i make it through it?! You all are blowing this way out of proportion.

  4. To those of you bitching about the launcher! Quit your crying & just use Steam. Most of there games are available on Steam!

    • And the launcher for hi-rez’s games still get’s downloaded when you get it on steam.Which means the program that people are upset with will still be on your pc.But your right peole shouldn’t be pissed when a company sneals what is basicly spyware onto their hard drives.The people should just let a company bend them over and treat them like a prison b***h.Cause gamers should just be happy Hi-rez even let’s them play the game and pay hi-rez money.Truth is Hi-rez just pulled a M$ level at of douche baggery.

      • I use Steam a lot & never had any issues w some damn spyware. I use to play Tribes & Global Agenda all the time & no spyware in my PC so i think you are wrong & I never downloaded the HiRez launcher directly & Steam never gave it to me. This must be something new. But Steam has never done me wrong + I use CCleaner & Advanced system care 6 to clean my PC. Maybe that has something to do with why I do not have any issues as well I know Spybot Dose not pick it up nore dose MalwareBytes.

  5. W.T.F. I hate social sites like facebook & twitter. I will never use a HiRe studio game again. Getting rid of all of them now!

  6. i asked them about “updater that scans your pc” on FB, my post was deleted and i got chat ban, no private msg with any explanation why i got chat ban, it was STFU, i bet it will be easier for them track what post they want to be on wall and which is unwanted .

  7. I always had an eerie feeling from Hi-Rez. The MOBA Smite is too into Sun worship and just taunt with Guan Yu. “A new age is coming Dont say I didnt warn you” I guess a paradigm shift is due but why are you talking about it in your sun worshipping game?

  8. You know what this is? A blatant attempt to dodge the heat they took recently and destroy the evidence. Walk away, guys. Hi-Rez is corrupt.

        • I ain’t dead..more like the site didn’t like me pasting it’s own links to replies.
          So, Dzonatan, up top search up “HI-Rez violates user privacy”. You’ll see why they’re so eager to abandon the forums where so many have raged over it. They were literally watching you like skynet. It’s frucked up and wrong.

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    • …really? Hirez homepage –> Contact us and you find ALL of the contacts…you are just blind…right?
      And you can still use the support to contact them

  10. This has no positive effect on the community and i dont use social media to discuss games and stuff,plus the forums are more mature than reddit,i m really disappointed as a Smite player.

      • What do you think about the fact that they halted updates for Tribes Ascend for 6 months in order to focus on Smite?

        Is it fair towards the Tribes players?

        Since they are the ones push their titles to become e-sports. And honestly Tribes has a better chance since it’s a lot skilled based and the last thing this world needs is another moba. (No matter how different Smite is from other mobas, it’s still a moba and I’ve had enough of them)

    • share price of facebook goes up ,HI rez goes down ,makes no sence to anyone unless they have the same share holders;)


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