Hi-Rez Studios, the company responsible for SMITE and Paladins, has yet another game in the works. According to a tweet from the company’s COO Todd Harris, there are sixty-five available jobs at the company right now — some for existing games and some designed to build out a new team for this new, unspecified project.

What the game will be has not been revealed. However, considering what we know about Hi-Rez, it’s a pretty safe bet that it will be free-to-play and eSports oriented. Based on previous Hi-Rez game history, it’s probably likely we’ll find out what it is sooner rather than later. Chances are high that they’ll be looking to the community for input pretty early on.

While we will have to wait and see if I’m right about all that, the good news is that if you’re looking for a gig in the game industry, you now have 65 possible chances — provided you don’t mind living in Georgia or in Brighton in the UK. You can check out the full list of openings on the Hi-Rez site.

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  1. they have to fire current character designers and idea authors of paladins! most tasteless characters i ever seen in games! one for example – TREE with throwing AXE!

    • Sigh. What’s wrong with axe-weilding tree? Don’t we all have a fascination with things designed specifically to destroy us? >_>

      As for the new game, I’m at a loss. They’ve already filled their roster of mandatory succesful game clones. So what could it be? A strategy? No way. Not a traditional shooter either most likely. But there isn’t much else left.

    • While i do agree that their current character design team is shit and 99% full of uncreative lazy bums ( were too lazy to create a roster of unique, original characters so lets mix and match Overwatch characters until we have enough for a game ie Androxus a.k.a McReaper ), Grover was actually a pretty neat character. While his actual design couldve been much better ( looks kind of general and plain IMO ), the concept of giant tree who throws axes is pretty neat.

      • Yeah do agree paladins char designers need some imagination serum injections asap.
        Not only characters too, weapon skins, armor skins… almost everything looks lame-as-fk.


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