With the release of the Sands and Skies update, two new gods have joined Smite‘s Egyptian pantheon. Horus and Set join the lineup, bringing with them their own unique abilities.

Interestingly, it seems that if Horus and Set are in a match at the same time, they will have an effect on some of the other’s abilities — particularly if they are fighting on opposite teams. For example, Set’s Relentless ability allows him to gain stacks of Relentless when damaging an enemy, but if it’s Horus he’s damaging he receives double the stacks. On the other hand, if Horus is damaged by an enemy he receives a stack of Resolute, which is doubled if the attacking god is Set.

Those interested in checking out the new gods can find information on both of them in the Sands and Skies patch notes. As always, there are several new skins to check out, as well as bug fixes and changes to a few of the gods.

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