The Japanese Imperial Navy has arrived in War Thunder! Update 1.89: Imperial Navy is now live, bringing with it 25 new Japanese ships, as well as two ships for other nations, 10 tanks, 13 aircraft, and one helicopter decorated with anime girls because of course, Japan.

At the top of the IJN line is the Furutaka, the first heavy cruiser in the game, which sports six main guns set in three turrets, 16 torpedoes, and a bunch of secondary and anti-air guns. In the skies, the Japanese get a boost in the form of the AH-1S, which has camouflage featuring Wakana Kisarazu, “one of the four cute fictional girls who in 2012 became symbols of the JSDF’s Camp Kisarazu.”

Other nations get a boost in this update as well, with the Germans receiving the massive prototype bomber Messerschmidt Me 264, dubbed the “America Bomber.” Soviet forces get the 2S6 Tunguska, which features the game’s first surface-to-air missiles, while The French get the Leclerc S1 tank, which is still in service today. Not to be left out, American forces now have access to the Bradley ADATS, which stands for “Air Defense Anti-Tank System,” which sounds like something you’d rather not be up against regardless of whether you’re in the air or on the ground.

For a rundown on everything that’s included in this update, including the two new maps “Smolensk” and “Volcanic Islands,” you can check out the War Thunder site or watch the video embedded below.

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