In the August episode of InnoGames TV, the company outlines updates coming to Forge of Empires, Elvenar, and Tribal Wars. Coming to Forge of Empires is a new historical quest line centered on Galileo. When a player completes the quest, they will be rewarded with Galileo’s avatar and the “Sundail Spiral” building. The building will aid in defending the city and production of Forge points.

In Elvenar, players can expect a variety of updates and additions, including new instant rewards, an inventory update, and more.

As for Tribal Wars, there’s a new end game event to look forward to — Rune Wars. During the event, “rune villages” will appear in various places across the map. Players will need to conquer these villages, defeating their defenders and a large rune stone. Spread out through the entire continent and reap your rewards.

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