It’s Time To Build Your Own Genshin Impact Domains And Share Them With Friends

The "Divine Ingenuity" event has arrived.

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Genshin Impact Domain Event

Genshin Impact players who may be tired of running through the same old Domains now have a chance to create something unique and new – and possibly share it with other players. Of course, this also means that they can try out domains created by other players as well. HoYoverse launched the "Divine Ingenuity" event yesterday, offering players a chance to use their creative building juices outside of the Sereniteapot. Of course, there are a few things players need to know to get rolling.

Before creating their own Domains, players will have to complete five designed by members of the Adventurers' Guild. That means collecting a lot of adventure coins while still managing to reach the end on time. This is one of those pass/fail things, as well. If a player fails to complete one of these Preset Domains, they will be unable to move on to the next one. Each of them has a different environment – terrain, mechanisms, traps, the works.

Once players have met all the requirements, they can then begin crafting their own Custom Domains or play those created by other Genshin Impact players. Players can create and save up to five Custom Domains using a wide range of objects. To create the domain, players will have to do more than just place items. They'll need to set the criteria that others need to meet in order to complete it.

There is one additional catch for those who want to share their domains with others. Before you can go public with it, you need to prove it can be completed…by doing it yourself. If you can’t manage to complete your own Domain, then it's probably likely others won't have a chance.

As with all events, there will be rewards. These include Primogems, Mora, and leveling materials.

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