Jagex Announces New RuneScape Content: “Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests"

The season carries on with a new mini-quest and Slayer Challenge, plus an evil necromancer.

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runescape unwelcome guests

Citizens of Gielinor are welcomed to RuneScape’s “Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests.” The Fort Forinthry Season carries on with a new mini-quest and Slayer Challenge.

Players will team up with an original Slayer Master who goes by "The Raptor" to defeat the mysterious horde of the undead and find out where these zombies came from. Also, an evil necromancer enters the scene: Zemouregal.

Four unique slayer creatures are being added: Fetid Zombie, Bound Skeleton, Risen Ghost, and Armored Phantom. Players that conquer these creatures will earn Slayer Trophies that boost rewards and buffs as well as a rare drop — the new two-handed magic ability.

Last but not least, as per usual, the Guardhouse must continue being built in order to increase the effect of the Slayer skill, which includes additional damage bonuses and higher spawn rates for Elite monsters.

Members of RuneScape can check this exciting content out when it launches in the MMORPG on April 10.

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