Roblox Announces Policy To Hide Ads From Minors

Users 13 and under will no longer see ads of any kind.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Roblox Advertising

A year after a complaint regarding Roblox’s in-game advertisement was filed with the FTC, the company has announced a big change to the policy. No, they’re not getting rid of ads in full. No one could be that lucky. However, they will quit showing ads to players 13 and under. Considering more than 25 million kids play their game, that’s a lot of lost advertising views, but we suppose it is better than having the FTC coming down on you – particularly when your game is known for attracting kids.

According to a report on, that’s not the only change being made to advertising in the game either. The new policy also blocks specific types of ads. These include soliciting donations, promoting multilevel marketing companies or their products, promoting financial services, and anything that promotes crypto and NFTs.

The new rules, which can be found on Roblox’s help site, also include guidelines for ad transparency, what can be uploaded to the ad manager, and intellectual property. It also bars advertisers from using methods to pull people away from the Roblox platform. Links and QR codes are out.

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Flintstone 1 year ago
Nice love the pic :)
This really good i am pleased they've seen some light.
They and many other game devs out there, all need to look harder at their adult created worlds, as I believe it IS only "game devs" who can stop this now game development cycle of feeding like vultures upon their player base, like its their god given right to do so.

Game devs need to step back and look at who they are portraying themselves to be..

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