Terrain-morphing CCG Faeria is now free-to-play, with a new single-player experience, card art, support for additional languages, and a cash shop item that keeps on giving.

Faeria had a successful Kickstarter back in 2013, raising $94,008 and is currently in early access on Steam, The game’s biggest innovation is its “Living Board,” a hex-based grid that you play your creatures to, uncovering and changing terrain as you go.

For the free-to-play update, the dev team from Abrakam SA has made massive changes to Faeria’s solo experience, with the goal of providing “a viable alternative to participating in multiplayer or competitive modes.” More updates and greater challenges are planned by the end of the year. This update also introduces Italian language support, with Polish coming in just a week’s time, and lots of revised card art.

There’s also an interesting item for sale, the Gold Fountain. For $4.99, you can get 600 in-game gold, and an additional 60 gold every day for 30 days — 2,400 gold in total. For more on Faeria and its curious loot systems (like eggs!) check out the announcement on the Faeria page.

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  1. This is a great card game. Gamers are way too salty now a days and bash every game that comes out. You might just be bored of games in general if they all seem terrible to you. Everything in life is a perception of how you see it. The reason this game isn’t very popular because it has many levels of depth and strategy. (Unlike Hearthstone) The games do not end in 5 mins and they require thought.

  2. The real news here is that they have an option to pay a flat price ($50USD) for an entire set as opposed to spending thousands of dollars to obtain all of them through RNG booster packs. Similar to the Living Card Game business model. If they do the same for future sets, you might be able to access a competitive deck for a reasonable amount of money for a change.

    • The real news is how they lie all the time. Google their newst lie about expansions prising and all.

      there is a reaspon why this game is so dead, it sucks on all levels.

      You seem to be able to make some sentences and all so I will assume you have some working brain cells. That being the case stop promoting this pathetic game.


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