Some significant changes are coming to Landmark in its next update. A post on the game’s forums by one of the developers outlined several new changes, including an update to claims that increases the size of a single claim over 16 times; eliminating the need for attached claims altogether.

The new claims will now be 525 x 525 x 450 voxels and players will get that space immediately when placing their claim.

In addition to this, new players will receive automatic claims on what are called “Pioneer Landscapes. Landscape is the new term for islands, with Pioneer Landscapes being similar to the Foundation Museum islands. The idea behind these is to give players the perfect spot to build right away. However, should the player want to claim a mountain or some other area, they will be able to do so.

Full details on the changes to claims, the new landscapes, and even caverns are available on the Landmark forums.

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  1. the only reason i stopped playing was the lack of good building mechanics… i would rather build brick by brick as in minecraft. if that would be an option id never have stopped playing.

    its current system is wonkey and devoid of fun

    • probably never….. DCUO is dyng H1Z1 was a major fail….. PS2 developments kind of stoped u see minor tweaks here and there….. and EQ1 and EQ2 are deserted…. what chances has EQ Next? …… probably …. none. landamrk get this kind of updates twice per years…. in 2050 the game wll be in open alpha.

      • That’s what happen when you announce a game too early. People get hyped, have to wait, the select few that get to play it usually get bored due to the lack of content. Everyone leaves it except for a few die-hards. By the time the game reaches OBT or official release, no one cares about it anymore.

        Games should be announced about 3-4 months before OBT.

      • Just looking at the videos they published about EQ Next, anyone could tell that the game engine requires way too high performance. The average PCs used by f2p players won’t be able to run that game. Even Landmark have insane performance issues, just imagine what would a detailed world require.
        I think they put the whole project on ice for a few years, awaiting the computers to improve.

        • Is that how you usually reply to people you don’t agree with? I bet you are a real hit at parties and other civil social gatherings…


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