Latest Skull And Bones Gameplay Stream Debuts "Investigations," A Narrative-Driven Feature With "A Series Of Steps"

It aims to tell a story about factions, the game world, and reward players for seeing it through to the end.

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Skull & Bones Narrative Gameplay

Even though Skull and Bones received its 6th delay, Ubisoft seems headstrong on getting this game out sometime (maybe?) this year. Trying to get onlookers excited about what's to come, Ubisoft's latest "The Deck" stream debuts "Investigations," a narrative-driven feature that reveals more about the world and rewards players for sticking with it.

Narrative-based gameplay is likely not what you expected, given their previous focus on ship customization, ship-to-ship combat, and the nuances of outposts.

Investigations are a "series of steps" that can start from finding random bottles with rolled-up messages, talking with NPCs across the seven seas, and gaining clues from treasures. It doesn't appear to be a cinematic activity of importance but rather a side adventure you stumble across to discover more about factions and score loot.

The stream displays one such adventure, following the story of a brother and sister who each believe to be heir to the throne of an African region. The scenario sends the devs from completing a stage of settlement plunder, locating a shipwreck for the next clue, and ending the sequence by finding a treasure chest. Ubisoft mentioned Investigations could explain specific character backstories and flesh out certain bits of lore.

Ultimately, the feature seeks to widen the range of the world and give it some life, but we'll have to see how that plays in-game after the constant turmoil with the project's launch.

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