League of Legends is introducing a new Champion, and if you just watch the trailer you’re probably going to walk away thinking, “Okay. Cool. He’s got five badass weapons to switch between.” As it turns out, it’s a bit more complex than that.

Today, Riot Games revealed Aphelios — otherwise referred to as “The big brain, sad moon boi” — not only with a trailer but also two rather lengthy posts. One is the champion insight post which details his design process and lore. The other is the kit primer, which covers his five weapons and their related abilities. According to the insight post, he has approximately 30 abilities in all.

For those that enjoy complete control over their champions, it seems Aphelios might not ideal. The information offered talks about giving up control over what weapons are in use and trusting a voice telling you what to do. That voice is apparently Aphelios’ twin sister Alune. Effectively, Alune will be making the decision about what weapons Aphelios will be using in combat and when.

Due to the complexity of this character’s design, Riot apparently intends to use the first two posts about him to help players determine if he’s for them. The idea seems to be that if you can’t be bothered to read through them completely, and possibly a few times when it comes to the kit primer, Aphelios probably isn’t going to be a champion you want to deal with. The best way to find out is to look over the insight post and the kit primer on the LoL site.

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  1. Cloak Cloak Cloak if you think that you are truly dumb haha, roit would be fine if they slowed down but do you know why they dont? hm? no.. sad they “Spew” out new champions because thats what kind of game it is… what you want a moba with 5 or 10 classes and never more? well sad to say but there are not any of those lol. every moba pumps out champions because it would get boring for everyone soo yea ofc thats what they will do as well as the rest, I don’t even play League or moba’s often and even I know thats the market bro stop hating so much.

  2. HAHAH! Oh Riot just keep on spewing those new champions out. Cause I’m sure it’s the only thing keeping your game alive. That and the fact any imbecile can play this terrible game for free.

    I yearn for the day League ceases to exist. And Riot.


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