Cinematic trailers are often over-hyped and over stylized representations of a game’s actual gameplay, but I for one still find them for the most part, extremely entertaining. This is especially true if I have ever had some sort of attachment to the game or its universe. This is why I found League of Legends newest trailer: A Twist of Fate to be an absolute joy to behold. Even for those of you who dislike League can appreciate the level of detail and fidelity Riot has packed into this action filled blend of CGI cinematography.

Some of the notable appearances in the cinematic include Garen, Katarina, Fiddlesticks, Ryze (he doesn’t randomly blow ghost this time!), Tryndamere, Annie, Tibbers, and of course Twisted Fate. Baron also makes a notable appearance, although you may not recognize him in his new form.

In the video Baron has sprouted extra serpent tentacle heads, much like a hydra and has developed an apparent appetite for burning bears. A rare delicacy no doubt. In a Twitter post Brandon Beck, CEO of Riot stated that the “Re-imagined Baron in the Cinematic is a reflection of his latest concept, a little foreshadowing of eventual improvements to him in-game.”

For those of us interested in finding out what goes into making a cinematic like this, you can check out the “behind the scenes” video below:

Fun fact, Blur the studio behind the cinematic, has also been responsible for notable cinematics including Star: Wars The Old Republic, Planetside 2, DC Universe Online, Dark Souls 2 and Farcry 3 just to name a few.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Wow the cinematic cg is really awesome, they’ve really put a lot of work and detail to it. Its been very entertaining, even though I stopped playing LoL 2 years ago, its still awesome. I’m still not going back to that game though even after watching this but thanks for showing it :D, I can always appreciate CG animation, no matter what people say.

  2. The deal is CGI was used so many times as a cheap way to attract people with trailers, but its not so recent that that changed, lots of games can do good trailers and cinematic and capture the feel (aaaand graphics) of what ppl are going to play. Doing a comparison (here comes the people with hands full of stones) with Dota2, that is a more recent game of this style, trailers were with good quality and make a really close representation of LoL. In the end, games like that become repetitive anyway, so the other things around will keep ppl playing, and the graphics of LoL are getting old…

  3. why does everyone just complain, cg is never true to game and league is an ok game, quit bashing and complaining. i bet if this was one of your favorite games you would’nt be on here complaining, If you dont like league of legends dont watch the video, we dont need more people like Shadoirst complaining about how cg cgi is, it was an awesome video and the game is good. shut up and enjoy, its free, its good, and lol fans made it, mad bro?

  4. Its all good, a new trailer that depicts no actual representation to the game, its just to lure in those who have not yet had the chance to play the game, but it’s “amazing” right??? Just pure Garbage, but hey its cool with all the CGI riight?!?!?! Wrong.

    • Well your totally wrong, you obviously don’t even know what your talking about, its not made for new players, its MADE for FANS of the GAME!!!! Goddamn it go watch the 2nd video! It doesn’t lure you in so its a plus for them since its not what they’re aiming for.

  5. HOrrible. Lots of money wasted on this. “Hey look at all this CG that looks NOTHING like the cartoony crap you are about to play.”

    • The CGI was still good….It was for the fans mostly.. And DOES ANY OF THE CG LOOK LIKE THE GAME? NO. Sheesh. Stop complaining for something you didn’t pay for.

    • this is wrong,i don t think you really played too much to experience the good games,i know there is newbie who can ruin your game,but you cant win all games,and sometimes bad community can ruin your day.Play it over two years like i did and after speak if is good or not

    • You sir obviously just suck at the game. Haters gonna hate. I do hope you choke on a dick. Have a good day.

      • Or maybe he’s just talking about the in game graphics… i love the game, the art, the story, and gameplay but i still have consience that in battle the game has no detailed graphics, just not so good cartoon.
        (PS: Play the game since the beggining and still playing, im not a hater, just know that can be better in this point, if you love something, try to see where it can be improved xD)

  6. The was incredible, thanks for linking that or I would of missed it since I never really stuck to LoL. For no voice acting and just pure fighting the scenes still felt very powerful, my eyes actually watered up a little bit once annie came out.

  7. Painstaking make vest for hampster
    Tie Vest to string and other side to cieling fan wing
    turn fan on
    did not measure string very well
    hamster slams into the dry wall at mach speed
    it was a sad day….

    • That still had more worth than this tripe. Can anyone remind me why it needed team resources spent on this? CGI is always overrated and trailers have become an e-peen symbol for games. You can thank Square Enix but that’s how it is now. With that said, just…hahaha…oh my god..LoL? I’m sorry to break it to you buddy..but you’re a f*cking moba. You’re not “going places”. Resources wasted.

      • Well Riot didn’t make the cinematic themselves. They only oversaw its production. If you watch the “behind the scenes” video you can see that they did it as fan service. I see nothing wrong with making a cinematic just for fans to enjoy watching some of their favorite champs duke it out.


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