Demons Pit 7
Swift as an arrow, the martial-arts MMORPG Swordsman Online has moved on from its monthlong Open Beta and into full release. The transition comes with the addition of a brand new high-level dungeon deemed “The Demon Pit”, while also streamlining the patching process along the way. In celebration of the MMO’s launch, Perfect World is hosting a special leveling contest with the grand prize winner netting themselves a Hero’s Pack.

The new Demon Pit instance requires at least three level 50 players to complete, and has the trio fighting off waves of a host of elemental wraiths and other demonic entities, before the final encounter against the Crystalline Empress. In total, players will fight through 9 floors, many of which posses their own unique boss fights. Upon successfully completing these nine levels of hell, players can expect to be rewarded with the very best equipment in-game.

For those who enjoy statistics, PWE has provided readers with an infograph detailing several surprising milestones during Swordsman’s Open Beta. For example, players performed over 8,700 tripple jumps per hour and stole over 75,000 sheep via cross server PvP. As for what they did with the sheep, one can only speculate. The full infograph can be seen below:

Swordsman Launch Infographic

For those interested in trying Swordsman Online out for themselves, they can visit the official site here.

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  1. The people who comment on this website always say bad stuff, like when do they say a game is good?

    They just want something to complain about. This game is good, it’s not WoW, get over it or get back to playing WoW.

    Stop comparing and just enjoy the game.

  2. *Sigh* I’ve been want a good martial arts game with fun, action combat for ages, i guess i will have to wait even longer…

      • No it’s not if you play right, I think the games leveling is easy, just need to do guild quest and instances with free 2x exp you get every week.

        So stop complaining. I don’t see how people run out of quest. I still have level 40 quest at 53.

  3. They made a mistake with the early spells. after you reached lvl40, You’ll learn, that most of skills works while you move. PvP is awesome jumping around trying to find enemy blind spot and if you can stun her/him somehow you need a lot of practise to land you combo on him. after lvl 35 you have to find a guild, because it gives a lot of XP. I mean for the lot of guild quest you can play. Defend your base, attack another base, fight for pieces of the map etc. and it gives you sometimes 1 more LvL. Early Instances too easy, almostend/end game instances are hard enough. There are mobs which is able to 1 hit you from 100% so you have to either run away or block his stuff if you can. Skills are supercool especially in insta’s.
    First I was disappointed, but because I have had no games to play this weak(I hope I wrote it right) so give It a deeper try. You should give too.

  4. Yep, game is terrible, graphics, controls and overall gameplay, decided to try it as it seemed nice from the trailer, but skills just root you in place, you cannot move freely not to mention graphics were so bad it was hurting my eyes (and I play minecraft and WoW on low graphics).

    • Yes, this game is bad. It burns up the PC and the actual game mechanics and gameplay feel is very bad. I went back to tera and it is really good.


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