Aeria Games announced that Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta, its anticipated 3D MMORPG, will undergo a limited alpha test.

The alpha test will offer a small selection of hand-picked players the first glimpse of the North American version of Lime Odyssey. Players can apply to participate in the exclusive alpha test by submitting their answers to an application survey, which is posted on the official Lime Odyssey forum ( Aeria Games will accept alpha test applications for a limited period of time, beginning Thursday.

Lime Odyssey delivers an engaging player experience in warm, crystal-clear 3D graphics. Features include expansive crafting capabilities, a dual class system, and an immersive questing arc that follows the tumultuous tale of Lime. Interested players can learn more about the game at:


  1. Just signed up to try to become a Alpha beta test in North America ,Can’t wait to give this game a try . And btw no one in North America has been able to play the yet I’m with one who stated if u haven’t played or try it yet don’t bad mouth the game just because u hate MMORPG.Games .

  2. If you’d actually took the effort to look after it then you should know it’s the successor of Ragnarok Online since ex-devs from Gravity are working on it who also been in the devteam of RO.

    So in short that’s why you’d choose it over another MMO. Ragnarok Online was pretty popular and still have countless private servers and the officials are alive as well.

    It looks interesting and certainly promising as the quality of the game will be pretty high probably. I have mixed feelings with Aeria handling it though as I did played games published by them before and the service they provide is questionable.

  3. Wtf ? Why wont the companies stop making junk MMOs ? I Mean .. what’s special about this mmo ? what would make me choose it and to not choose another one ?? and what a great name ” Lime Odyssey ” ?!?!? JUST STOP MAKING STUPID GAMES AND GET SOME IDEAS !!!!! or just copy WoW if u can’t get ur brains to work ….

    • Oh so you played the game already? Maxed it? Got everything that the devs put? If you didn’t, just shut up. Plus you’re not forced to play it. Avoid negative comments, bro.

    • man you need to calm down stop hating and look at the bigger picture lol. there are so many new mmo’s being released because its getting easier to do with all the new man power coming in not to mention companies take favoured features from various games and implement in into new games with new ideas and the more popular games are analysed for what made them popular, this wont stop more and more games are going to be released through 2012 and 2013 we’re all going to be so overwhelmed and spoilt for choice because games are evolving and are perfect money makers, but when the dust settles we’re going to have amazing results. so instead of bi&*(ing about games grow up and say what about the game you don’t like and what about it looks appealing or to familiar and then the developers have more data to go by for the next games development.. and it saves the rest of us reading a pointless comment with no real input.



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