Infinite Odyssey is shaping up to be one of the most game-changing expansions for Lineage II, as the venerable NCSoft MMO celebrates its 11th anniversary by prepping for the expansion’s launch on April 22. As you can see from the new trailer video, the expansion pours the drama on thick, but it’s the gameplay changes that will really get players’ blood pumping.

The biggest change is probably the removal of the level cap of 100, “taking PvP to a whole new dimension,” according to the press release. The cynical among us would say it’ll take PvP in a direction that favors those with infinite time over those with skill, but that’s just crazy talk…

With new progression comes new skills, some of which were named by the community in a contest, two new zones, and a new raid boss, Kelbin, who’s equipped “with a sword forged from the Seal of Calamity and powerful dark iron wings.” (The Seal of Calamity can be seen doing two shows daily at AquaWorld, along with the Whale of Discontent.)

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  1. This is BAD! The entire community cried over the “reborn” update that made things unbalanced. The wanted CLASSIC old server no crap updates (designed for cash grab). The company ignored them so long over theyears that private servers are just the known fix for Lineage 1 and 2 gamers…finally getting hit in the pocket, the company made “SUBSCRIPTION classic servers”…face palm. Oh, and now this???? This is a slap in the face. Perfect World, when first came out, had “no end game /cap” you were sort of in a level 80 limbo where 90 was god like. No one knew the end cap since exp rates so high. One day a farmer hit 100, and his exp bar stopped, so they knew the cap was around 100. This creted a sphere of eite that control all, and makes new players not really have end game goals but mid to near end. It is super unabalcned and “un western” as it relies on grind to make up for lack of content. PW got it right, and now you can get to 100 in decent progression rates like the rest of the world. They also have been giving content updates regularly…Lineage is so going the opposite and I can not help but wonder if this is yet ANOTHER “middle finger to the west, because we have tons of cash paying Koreans that like this crap”.
    Shame if your in the west swipping your credit card or signing up for these games.

    • you are probably thinking of the first one. The second one is a bit better in controls, but both are click n go. But it works. It is the game play that wil make you cringe.

    • Think Mabinogi. Mabinogi there’s no level cap, so players can infinitely run dungeons/do quests in new updates without hitting a cap. Your stats will infinitely grow. This basically allows people to continue grinding/questing forever to be the “player with the most levels” while they wait for new gear/raid bosses/etc.

    • It creates numbers the software cant handle like 999999999 $runs off screen box and feels stupid*
      It creates upper elite crust where veterans and heavy cashers have grinded to the top and they know regular casual players can not touch them. They dominate territory and PvP, and there is no PvE content or any content to get on that level, so you grind like you have never grinded before. with a “one day” dream in the head. There will be a “power standard” where like level 80ish or 90 will be considered run able for a dungeon, but it seperates HARD the community. LOTS of gear checks, and GTFO if you are not invested hard.
      The population drops HARD as new comers will be ignored as people stufffed on the other end of the tunnel farming, and will not waste time in lower dungeons. The psychological “what, no end? why log in” pops up. Mabinogi is a little different in that you are in a wide open sand box like element, and more social (but it suffers from this stupid model as well). I remember just grouping with a bored higher level, and he sits there just spamming one OP spell (electric thingy) and dropping anything the game threw at us…yeah, lots of lack lsuter. I just felt: “Well, obviously that is the best spell, my future is farm for 5 years to get that….yeah…so whats that? a new and better game just launched?”. YOU will not want to stay. Don’t support this. STay out.


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