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alaplaya announced that its RPG, LOCO: Land of Chaos Online, will be transforming into a new form, LOCO: Evolution, later this year alongside the most massive content update the game has ever received. Additions and improvements coming to this new evolution of the hit free-to-play title include an all-new persistent city, a new faction, new heroic (and not-so-heroic) characters, new modes of play, a greatly improved tutorial and UI which will make the game more accessible to players both hardcore LOCO veterans and casual players, and more.

LOCO: Evolution will add a third faction to the game, the less-than-angelic warriors of Heaven, plunging the Land of Chaos into a bitter struggle between the forces of Nature, Heaven, and Hell. When not engaged in brutal combat, players will also be able to visit the new persistent in-game town of Arhonnas, where combatants can chat with one another and visit with several new NPCs, receiving quests, learning about the game world, and shopping for new gear. Once those tasks are finished, LOCO players will definitely want to sample Touchdown, an all-new football-inspired game mode. All of these features, and more, will be added to the game when LOCO: Evolution launches in Q4 2011.

To learn more about the battles already taking place in the world of LOCO – Land of Chaos Online, visit the official site at: http://loco.alaplaya.net/. alaplaya also publishes S4 League, Florensia and Argo Online among other games.

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bigguy 12 years ago
played loco but i hope the next one is better

thaghost101 12 years ago

game looks alright o_O

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