How to Survive the MOBA Community (MemberZone)

By MemberZone,

Many people find the MOBA genre unappealing simply because they cannot deal with the community at large. The fact is no matter where you are on the internet you will meet people who wan't to mess with you and people who are genuinely nice to you, it is a game of numbers, eventually you will find someone you get along with and someone you want to strangle to death on a rainy night.

Your own team putting you down?:

Now you will find that the enemy teams insults never really suck to hear as much as your OWN team insulting you, I think this is the real reason people won't play. There is always bound to be trash-talk on games but it is much worse when the people you are working with towards a common-goal put you down. The truth is that a KDR doesn't win you the game, taking down those turrets and killing the enemies main structure wins you the game. It is okay to tower dive as long as you get the tower, but if you know your going to die then don't go in for that kill. Your team needs to push the enemy, if the the enemy is all top lane then you get that middle tower! If there is an opening then go for it, your team can't really say anything about it if you win the game.


I know that people will sacrifice themselves to get a kill but there are a lot of factors going on here. First of all, do you have a kill streak? If so you keep your ass back from that tower unless your pushing the thing, never chase when you have that 1000g bonus hanging over your head, stick with your team and help with bonuses. The amount of gold you got for that dive-kill does not cover what you just gave them. If 3 of your guys are dead and still have around 20 seconds to get back in then DEFEND, don't go all Rambo on the enemy and get killed.

Community, again:

Now back on the subject of the community, I would say that the LoL (League of Legends) community is a bit more respectful than the HoN (Heroes of Newerth) community. HoN actually is a slightly more competitive game and is bound to have more trolls hangin' around. If your winning then just ignore it, also never reply while in lane, you will probably just get killed while typing.

Team composition:

A lot of the new player who join up with the MOBA crowd have little knowledge that the champions on your team can actually affect the outcome of the game, you need a tank, you need some crowd control, and you need the guy who can quickly dish out damage and remove the high risk targets from the enemy team quickly and effectively. I have been getting a lot of games lately where they will see me pick Veigar and they all go AP for some ridiculous unknown reason, we just get pounded by the enemy team's melee champions because they grabbed some MR (Magic resist)


It is kind of the point of the game, if your team cannot figure out how to work together then it is pretty much over for you. You need to call MIA's early lane game so that your buddies don't get ganked by that sneaky ass Evelynn. Whenever I get into a solo game I always try to spark a conversation during the initial minute and a half of the game so that people will get into the habit of communicating with you.


The MOBA genre can be really rewarding to the people who can take the grit of the community, and if you know how to play you should win more often then not. The ones who insult others usually don't know what the whole concept of the game really is: Pushing, teamwork, and winning.

by Zenrix

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Discussion (37)

Getup 10 years ago
All you crying kids stay away from hon thanks. Can't believe you cry when some mad stranger flame you in an ONLINE game. ROFL. So bad looool. Grow a pair thanks and go play LoL with the other 10year old crybabies.

kodene 11 years ago
the only MOBA i've played so far is DOTA2 and after 3 matches I said "f*** this s***". I had kids on my own team reporting me for no reason other than i was a noob and every single player on my team was some moba-elitist wiener. I'm a habitual COD, Battlefield, MOH, CS:S, etc player too so i'm no virgin to s***-talking players but this is just ricockulous i'm sorry but it's really not worth playing games like that and investing time and money in them just to deal with that kind of BS because it's just no longer fun. Although after reading this article I think i might give LoL a try.

TheSpot 11 years ago
Fact's must come forth, rules might be simple for MOBA, but most of the player's, don't have consideration for those rules, and when it comes to "LOL" and "HON" the community tension between these is always at it's limit!

Simon 11 years ago
Number 1 reason why MOBA suck is that you cant leave the game. If your team is feeding like crazy yet wouldnt surrender and you are sitting there for 20mins just waiting for it to end than you know what im talking about. If they would put in solo surrender it would solve everything. Someone trolling you? Bye! Someone feeding? Bye! Your team putting you down and acting lame? Bye! Instead, you cant solo surrender, if you leave you get punished, the game supports trolls and THAT is the NR1 reason why MOBA suck.

ivey 12 years ago
Man i remember when i first played LoL with my friends like 5 months ago, i was HORRIBLE at this game good god. It was the first pc game i ever played as im a console gamer, but man i got put down so much i quit for like 2 weeks until the same buddy asked me to play with him and 3 other friends (so a team of 5 pre-made) I decided to give it a shot, his friends were a lot more mature and helped me when i make mistakes, now im even better than my buddy who taught me how to play the game and that makes me feel good XD ahaha, but now when i get a player who's bad or doing bad, i dont put people down i just sympathize with them, ask them if they need ganks or anything, its not like everyone doesnt have bad games now and then.

Connor 12 years ago
Did you actually immediately lock in Veigar and expect everyone else to cater to you? Follow your own advice, communicate. It's not hard to work with people. This article is pretty old though so you might have gotten better.

Crusio 12 years ago
Forgot to mention, I've tried every MOBA game out there.

Dota 2 and LoL are the best.

Bloodline Champions-last time I played it, it was buggy.

Dota and HoN-meh, don't like the shop system.

Battle of the Immortals-id say it's decent enough, but almost as bad as HoN.

Loco- REALLY fun, played it ages ago but should be better now, all of the alaplaya games are good.

That's that... if you know any other MOBA games i missed you can tell me and i'll problably try them out.

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Crusio 12 years ago
Id like to add, that people with low IQs aren't very welcome, that's why they get flamed at and suck, MOBA genre is mostly strategy and not action, sure sometimes you get an adrenaline rush when you get a quadra or penta, but if you don't listen to your team, and go mid instead of top when the whole enemy team's top and your the tank, then your messed up.

You should have added that only ad carries may push and leave the team handle themselves.

chefmadness 12 years ago
I have to say the HON community is hardcore & think everyone s.u.c.k.. lol. I really like Battle Forge & the community for that game is really friendly.

Durdlock 12 years ago
I like MOBA and RTS games but I never really got into playing them simply because the community is horrible and the games are usually infested by trolls. Not something you want to see as a newcomer. I will however give Wrath Of Heroes a chance.

Masterdk 12 years ago
Solo Queue terror strikes again lol

XnY 12 years ago
Just team up with your friends. Teaming up with somebody whom you know his/her play style will make a big difference than teaming up with someone you do not know what he/she will do.

annoner 12 years ago
Haha :) LOL is one my fav games to play. just cause cash doesn't ruin it at all. :) and i love the fact that is't purely PVP. hate lvl a long time to PVP.

Anyway, my fav is the part where u play this dude, he totally rapes and he tries to insult u, prehaphs rightfully so. This is awesome when u play him next game and he has nothing on u, cause u actually woke up... And they blame it in their team-mates? Very interesting...

Don't be mad at these delusional people. They obviously don't get to win very often and thus they try to rub it in every time they do. Let them :P I KNOW I KNOW. if u are like me it just pisses u off to no end that they think they are good, even tho they aren't. Just let them. I find that letting delusional people be delusional helps me enjoy the game that much more.

one more thing, if ur team-mate sucks, DON"T RUB IT IN. does it make u feel better? negative comments don't help u. in fact i report everyone who makes negative comments toward their own team for assisting an enemy team or negative attitude, because that's exactly what they do. If you team-mate makes a good play, let them know they did good. if they make a bad play, ether SHUT UP if u have nothing good to say, or give them a suggestions (preferably not in the "i know it all and u suck" matter.) or if they did bad, tell them how to do better and suggest what u could of done better in the situation... maybe that's true that they did bad, but it doesn't mean u need to make it even worth

NOW. people that do bad and get a suggestion. STFU and think about it. if u disagree.... DISCUSS IT LATER!!! not during that game. again, it doesn't help anyone... or if u agree say thanks.... hate people whos pride is hurt when other people give them a suggestion. means ur pride is so weak it's that easy to hurt ;)

most of u delusional bastards reading this prolly think "screw this i am too good for good attitude" well while me and my good attitude will go win games case my team wants to play WITH me, u can go well... lose or something... or do whatever ;)

Cash 12 years ago
I stopped reading after the second paragraph. This article is horrible written. Your instead of you're, "Tower diving to get that tower"... Wtf?
This site needs more competent authors. And It only talks about LoL, while there are other Dota-style games out there, like HoN/Dota/Dota2...


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Stivertsen 12 years ago
I am really good to this game so I like to troll the noobies :D yeah i know it ain't a good thing but it is pretty funny

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cacalips 12 years ago
Best way to handle all this is not include it in MMORPG gaming sites. This is not an mmorpg. This is a co-op multiplayer game. AT A MINIMUM an mmo. That said, leave it to rot in the forums of its own site, not here please. This gaming is different. You may as well cover Racing MMORPG on a regular basis but you don't. Same thing

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Zenrix 12 years ago
Thanks for the replies. HoN does take more skill then League of Legends even if it was pretty much only the ability to deny that tipped that balance. I prefer League of Legends (And DoTA 2 ) over Hon and yet I will still accept it's finer points. I tried a few public games on HoN and people were a lot less serious. There is so much less stress win your win/loss ratio isn't on the line.

Ballzini 12 years ago
It only sucks because of very poorly optimized matchmaking/rank systems

Tryptamind 12 years ago
With all due respects to the huge community of gamers who enjoy these game, but...


I've wanted to like LoL for the longest time, yet I've fallen asleep TWICE, and just in those intro matches they give you. Tried HoN, and felt my eyeballs falling off.

To each their own, I just don't get what's "fun" about these games. So if you do, then I salute you.

TheGamer 12 years ago
Agree Ero, i stopped trying to learn HoN cause everybody insults newbs like me, and in LoL i maked a lot of friends in the first matches.I guess that HoN F2P think wont work, cause the guys that payed before only insult who is new, something like TF2, where everyone who buyed the game is pro and who is f2p (like me,and some guys say i play well as sniper) is newb and never gonna be pro.That kind of gaming racism S U C K S. . .

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Ero-Shinigami 12 years ago
Damn sure, in Heroes of Newerth, every team I played with started insulting me for not being "efficient", but at LoL most teams tried to be friendly and some helped me out understand what I didnt before.

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Jay 12 years ago
How about you write one about Soldier Front?
It's the worst community I have ever seen!

MrKein 12 years ago
youre right here

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