As Expansion Nears, Looter Shooter RPG Outriders Goes Free-To-Play On Steam For A Limited Time

Seems like the devs are trying to bring in a new crowd for its upcoming Worldslayer expansion.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

Outriders PC via Steam

Starting today, looter shooter RPG Outriders by developer People Can Fly is going free-to-play for a limited time on Steam. Players on the fence about this series can give it a whirl until June 23 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

And yes, players can go through the entire Outriders base game experience with zero restrictions, including cross-play with other platforms. Additionally, whatever progress a player makes during the free-to-play period will be saved and usable when (or if) an Outriders copy is purchased. Anyone who's ever played through the demo previously can pick up from where they stopped.

While a very generous amount of time to see how Outriders shapes up, it's clear that this free-to-play event is in preparation for the game's upcoming Worldslayer expansion. It may pull in new players, which could be the saving grace for this title. Though, Outriders might benefit from making its base game free-to-play indefinitely like Destiny 2 and finding other avenues for monetization to beat its current lack of player engagement and financial decline.

Would you give Outriders a chance if the base game became free-to-play forever? Let us know!

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Discussion (2)

rsjabber 1 year ago
I'll wait for full f2p release

midori 1 year ago
On one side it is nice to let people have a taste like in good ol' times with "DEMO versions" On the other it is too big of download to even bother. My friend said that it is pretty good game tho, so I will not discourage anyone from giving it a free try.

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