LOTRO house2

After receiving virtually no updates for years, Turbine really got to work on The Lord of the Rings Online‘s housing system in its later days with the MMO. That development continues under Standing Stone Games, with today’s patch providing even more utility to Middle-earth’s interior decorators.

Patch 19.3 makes the usual slew of gameplay changes, headlining the patch notes by noting that players can now adjust the positions of a house’s various decorations by up to 10 meters in any of three dimensions. Want an Inn League Keg floating in midair? Or a Large Bear-skin Rug right in front of your front door? Go for it!

The positioning changes only apply to interior decorations, so you’ll have to remain content with just rotating your trees and other exterior items. You can read the full set of notes for 19.3 on the LotRO forums. And, for you VIPs out there, don’t forget that today is the first day you can claim your free Steed of the Eldar!


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