How much can you learn about Magic: Legends in seven minutes? Plenty, if it’s Game Informer asking the questions and it’s got the executive producer as its captive. Well, maybe he was free to go and not technically a “captive.” Then again, maybe not.

The results are in the video below, which poses 75 questions to Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa that run the gamut from the obvious — yes, it is free-to-play and yes, it plays like Magic: The Gathering with random spells — to the number of cards per deck — currently 12, but “with a long enough timeline, anything’s possible” — to questions about “the butt-crack guy.” That’s how I’d spend my time with Ricossa, asking him questions about the butt-crack guy.

More salient revelations: mulligans are “TBD,” there are differing difficulty levels with scaling rewards, Poison is in, you can rotate the camera, there’s no penalty for death, there is PvP, which they’ll “take seriously,” and you unlock cards in a variety of ways, while using duplicates to upgrade them. Post-launch support will include regular weekly events and updates, with major updates, including holiday events, throughout the year. And he doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Phelddagrif.



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