Two of NCSoft’s free-to-play games, MXM and Blade & Soul, are getting major updates next month. MXM’s is dropping alongside a closed beta test that will run from April 6th to the 27th and will add a City of Heroes character — The Statesman — to the mix.

The Statesman is a melee character with a specialization in damage mitigation. Two of his abilities make him almost immovable while another boosts his mobility and range making him a strong pusher.

On the Blade & Soul side of things, the game is getting an all new expansion which marks NCSoft’s plans to begin pushing larger batches of content on a somewhat slower schedule.

The new expansion, titled “Secret of the Stratus,” launches on April 12 and brings with it an overhaul of the skill system as well as the new Hongmoon Training Room solo instance.

More details on the new update are available on the Blade & Soul site.

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