Maplestory 2 stirred up quite the buzz in May, when Nexon released a short trailer teasing some of Maplestory 2’s interesting three-dimensional evolution from its predecessor. The video seemed to raise more questions than it answered for the cutesy cubed MMO, but not to worry. A new seven minute long trailer gives us our first indepth look at some of Maplestestory 2’s more creative features, ranging from non-instanced housing to player-made dungeons. The only issue? It’s entirely in Korean.

While language barriers may prevent us from understanding what’s being said, it’s still easy to grasp what’s going on. Maplestory 2 will feature several options for character customization, including the ability to independently shorten or lengthen portions of your character’s hair and even design your own costume items.

Player housing is also visible, with individual players claiming plots of land across different environments. Interestingly, it looks like housing is non-instanced, at least to a degree. Building out your own house follows a simplistic approach, with land being sectioned off into cubed quadrants. Once a house has been built, players can decorate the insides with useful items like display mannequins for your extra costumes, storage boxes and special souvenirs that come with bonus effects.

While housing sounds fun, we’re most interested in the player made dungeons. The trailer showcases a few of these, with players able to edit their own adventures in real time, placing monsters, traps and event triggers in order to craft the perfect dungeon experience. The level of control shown by the editor is quite surprising, as players can even use camera triggers to change the viewport from isometric to the original Maplestory’s classic side-scrolling view. It can even be used to make your own Mario Party-esque mini-games.

Maplestory 2’s first Korean CBT is scheduled for the second half of 2014.

What are some your thoughts on these new features? Do you like the direction Maplestory 2 is headed? Let us know.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I have to admit i playd Maplestory and i didnt like it for some reazon idk
    theres was missing something, that makes me want to keep playing so i got bored and stop playing
    but MapleStory2 well lets just say I want to Play it seems more fun

  2. Language barriers? All I did was turn on the captions and I was able to understand the video!
    “Graco political baby come up often gunna be hard baby” ~22s yeah… … …

  3. I hated the first MS. But this one… this looks promising. I find the character customization and general art style quite charming! Custom dungeons is pretty cool as well. Definitely going to give this a try.

  4. IMHO it looks awesome, and even though they are changing it from 2D to 3D it seems to capture the feeling of Maplestory really well. Totally looking forward for this and hope it’s as good (casual) as it seems

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    • these kids all over the internet…dammit
      you can atleast give it a try before you say things about the game
      I don’t like maplestory and im still gonna give this game a try 😛
      if you think what I said was stupid, just go and play COD like all the other immature kids

  6. I personally didn’t expect the next game to be 3D! I have never really been a fan of Maple Story but I am definitely willing to give it a try. Too me it looks like what Spiral Knights should have been 3 years ago, I really enjoyed spiral Knights, but its lack of new and compelling content (After pay-to-play removal, thank the gods) really left me needing more. My only concern is the Korean Style, which often leaves me wanting more of a consistent visual game experience, will drive me away for the game very quickly, I don’t personally like when I am fighting a cowboy cyborg ninjas with devil wings, but it is Korean so I am just going to have too deal.

  7. Personally, even if this comes out in North america, I will not be playing it. What made MapleStory unique for me was the 2D graphics and how it was actually pretty fun to navigate around and it was actually nice 2D Graphics. Changing it into 3D completely turned me off for MapleStory 2. Not really feeling this MapleStory 2.

    • You can at least still try it out. Yea the graphics are different but they looked like the improved at lot stuff from MS1 and im sure it will still have that MS feel to. Not trying a game because it looks different from its past seems dumb to me.

    • You liking 2D better is merely subjective.
      Honestly if the game was 2D it would be to much the same as MS1, remember MS1 isn’t going anywhere so why would people play a rehashed game?

    • Alright. Just stay back in the 2000 era. We’re just going to move on to this new version with a great city environment, dancing and clubbing, house building, hack and slash, Mario Party like world. (Though I bet he’s just saying that. Once it comes out to North America, I bet he’ll fall for MapleStory 2 even more. I bet he isn’t even playing the original MapleStory anymore).

  8. It’s in Korean. So I had my sister in law translate it for me. :D. Really… Hard to explain it though o .e


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