MapleStory 2 Sunsets Today, But You Can Download Music And Art Assets From Its Archive

Jason Winter
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As one sequel arrives on PC, another departs, as Nexon's MapleStory 2 will go offline at some point today. We're unsure of the exact time, since there wasn't one mentioned in the announcement and we haven't been able to find any supporting information, but if you're looking to enjoy the game one last time, we'd suggest you do it sooner rather than later.

In fact, we'd even suggest you check that link as soon as possible, because one thing the announcement did say was that the website, forums, and Discord would also be shutting down today. Customer support service will run through June 26, so you've at least got some more time to resolve any last issues you might have.

Not everything MS2-related is going away, though. The original sunset post said that Nexon was "working on a space where players can download art and music from the game officially." That space went live in April and can be found at the MapleStory 2 Archives, where anyone can download everything from NPCs to monsters to seasonal illustrations and even loading screen art. It's a nice way for Nexon to say "thank you" to devoted (soon to be ex-)players and give them a way for MapleStory 2 to live on in their memories -- even if it's no longer on their hard drives.

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