From now until April 9, MapleStory players that are at least level 61 can take part in the Retro World Event. The event is part of the MapleStory: Arcade Adventures update and will take players to 8-bit worlds to hunt monsters, collect coins, and basically do all the things one would expect from an 8-bit retro game.

The event consists of three major parts, as well as some mini-games and a dungeon. The events are:

  • Promote the Game!: Players will be able to hunt monsters near their level to retrieve Retro World Promo Coupons and receive coins for a special reward.

  • Eliminate Bug Monsters!: Retro World monsters will begin to appear in Maple World. Players who eliminate the monsters can acquire EXP, mesos, and coins.

  • Call of the Goddess: Maplers can learn a special event skill from the ancient Retro World Goddess. As they use this skill, players will be able to earn additional coins after eliminating monsters.

As for the dungeon, it’s a four stage dungeon that players will need to complete before taking on the Demon King boss — titled, aptly enough, Demon King’s Tower.

Speaking of dungeons, any MapleStory player feeling a bit sleuth-y — and who are level 175 or higher — can now take part in the mystery-themed dungeon Detective Rave’s Case Notes. Players who successfuly complete this dungeon will be rewarded with Detective Rave’s Honorary Assistant medal.

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