I just received a newsletter letting me know that Marvel Heroes the action RPG from Gazillion Entertainment, will officially launch on June 4th. Players who buy into the games 3 levels of Founders Packs will receive varying amounts of early access ranging from 2 days for Starter Packs, to 7 days for Ultimate Pack purchasers.

Beyond giving all purchase levels immediate beta access, purchasing a Founders Pack will also grant players additional heroes, costumes, in-game currency and convenience boosts. Marvel Heroes also happens to be giving players an option to purchase unlimited access to all heroes and costumes (along with some other exclusives), but its for $199.99! But don’t worry its “estimated” value is over $750 so you know it’s a steal. I’m totally not being sarcastic right now.

If you’re not dying enough for beta access to pay for it, you can still sign up for a chance over on the game’s official site here. Accompanying the release news is a brand new Villains trailer which just debut at PAX East and showcases Nick Fury detailing..hey wait a minute that’s not Samuel L. Jackson!

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  1. GAZ on March 27, 2013

    Tell you guys a good news: Age of Wushu is going to launch in April. So excited!

  2. guab on March 27, 2013

    If you are talking about unique system, there are some things to like about Age of Wushu. I love some of the systems they have in this game or the idea of them if I could work out how the work. Maybe a western game developer can pick up some of its game and to apply it to a western MMO.

  3. auan on March 25, 2013

    i know, dont worry about running outta games to play, you should check out age of wushu, it might be worth you while.

  4. guab on March 25, 2013

    the euro mmorpg that im anticipating are jewels of the north and sword coast city. cant wait to dive in. oh and another one called age of wushu, it has a unique battle system which are quite amazing

  5. Angelicxx on March 24, 2013

    I really hope this turns out well marvel is a big part of my child hood I hope this turns out good marvel diserves its own original game not some daiblo with hero skins like shout outs to the og daiblo series but marvel fans deserves their own original game jus like dc universe fans do thats all im saying I hope they have character creator overwise im gonna be highly annoyed.

    • Angelicxx on March 24, 2013

      Other wise* just*

    • Lollerskates on March 24, 2013

      Best be ready to rage then..all the details shown thus far including founder’s packs is leaning toward you playing as a given hero..so expect to be the 20000th spiderman or the 40000th wolverine. No custom chars for you because this game is half-assed!

      • Angelicxx on March 26, 2013

        Im still trying to think if your trolling me or just mad cause your a marvel which one is it o-o T_T?

  6. ron on March 24, 2013

    this game screams pay to win , the pay to win emails i get make me 100% sure i will never play this game ever , like pay $30 and get your choice of 1 kind of char in game lol what a joke

    • Dokkodo on March 25, 2013

      It’s not so much pay to win as it is pay to have a decent looking character.

      In the beta heroes seemed balanced, but you’ll pay 10x the price for a Spidey than you will a Hawkeye.

  7. ExHuman on March 24, 2013

    bunch of guys cosplaing superheroes?
    thay should have name it Comic-Con online

  8. ChineseGuy91 on March 23, 2013

    sweet, released on my bday 🙂

  9. Veex on March 23, 2013

    My name is gonna be displayed in the credits, Woohooo! 😀

  10. ugurano on March 23, 2013

    i think this game its crap, why??? path of exil kill this game, and dc universe when your fan of comic xD

  11. Zhaoyun on March 23, 2013

    Hi guys I suck because I think I know everything and my opinion is always the best because I’m a smart Asia ,

  12. Jooq on March 23, 2013

    Even with different costumes, game is stupid. What’s the interest if there are multiple Ironmen, Spider-Men, etc… If they did something like DC Universe, it would be much better. Plus, graphic looks like they tried to do everything fast,and with all these founder-packs selling, to get money as insurance if their project will be doomed. I’m complaining because Marvel has great characters, and they deserve to be in MMO but not like this one. And it’s all my opinion, but I’m sure many people out there will agree with me.

    • iluvgamez on March 23, 2013

      1. Im sure they will patch the game here and there and will add more content.
      2. your wrong. Many ppl already enjoy this game like myself. You complain about a thing, thats in 90% the case of a game. Look at PoE,Diablo,any moba game, Wow,aion and so on. I want to play spiderman in a marvel game and not a creation of any kind of a hero. If i want that, i can go play DC Universe. easy isnt it?

      • Jooq on March 23, 2013

        But Spider-Man is unique. Just like every other hero. That’s the thing. Can’t be two or more, especially in Marvel. I have nothing against people who love to play this game, that’s why I’ve said this was my opinion. I’m not trying to change minds or argue with fans. And I’ve only mentioned DC Universe because it’s closer by style. I wanted something to be like that but with Marvel characters. I’ll play it probably because, I love f2p games, but the lack of customization is simply killing me. Deadpool in pirate costume, or in original costume = is Deadpool 🙂 And because Deadpool is so amazing – there will be hundreds DeadpoolS on the streets. It is Marvel Heroes: Attack of the Clones 🙂 Also, I didn’t compared graphics with DC Universe, I said that Marvel Heroes graphics look a bit childish, plain, simple. I’ve expected much more. That’s it. Maybe I’ll change my mind in July 🙂 But for now…I’ll stick with my opinion. Thanks for the comments.

        • iluvgamez on March 23, 2013

          I understand your point and i wasnt trying to turn your opinion. Was just a throw in from my side. Some ppl doesnt care about that, others do. For sure, it would be awsome to be the only “spiderman” or in your case the only “Deadpool” guy, but that would be such a big project. I hope you will enjoy the game at realease and if not its not a big deal. i will play this maybe until Elder Scrolls Online is out and then im gone. ^^

          • Jooq on March 23, 2013

            🙂 I’m sure I’ll give it a try, as any other F2P MMO with Big name and awesome introduction. And totally agree about Elder Scrolls Online. Cinematic trailer is cool. High hopes. Cya there XD

        • Jonny on March 26, 2013

          They use the multiverse excuse as to why there are so many of the same super heroes running around. there have been multiple animated movies where there were 2 or more of the same super hero fighting together…. so this is nothing new. the multiverse excuse also works, because not everyone is going to build their skill tree the same, or upgrade their costume the same(you upgrade your costume to massively boost your attributes.) also deadpool is not as awesome as you try to make him out to be. there are WAY more appealing heroes, like iron man, who is way stronger than deadpool by default in the game. also customizing at least a huge part of it, comes in the form of upgrading.you costume. which is hard, because you have to make tough decisions. do i want my first upgrade to be speed? or power? or do i want defense? but wait, i dont have the defense isotope so now i have to grind for it. do i want to grind for it? if i upgrade this, my costume will be lvl 5 and i cant de-level it. okay ill use the speed isotope. my costume is now lvl 5, do i want to use an offensive cell to upgrade my costume or a defensive cell to upgrade my costume to lvl 10? and it just keeps going. marvel is fantasy, its not real life. grow the F*#% up.

    • Shudows on March 23, 2013

      Uhmmm not!
      U cant compare graphics to dc! this is a different style of gameplay and graphics, its like u compare my little pony to metal gear solid 😛 You can upgrade costumes in game to make them better so its not like ur only buying fashion so to speak. In DC universe u can create a hero and choose a existing member of DC as a mentor, In marvel heroes You can be the Hero and choose how you look so you can be your favourite hero out of one of the comics. And the problem that you have with buying the founder packs, the name says it “Founder pack” You can choose if u buy but u can always play totally free of charge because u can find multiple heros and costumes! I hope this explains to some of the people whining and comparing to DC universe that its totally out of line!!

  13. ZhaoYun on March 23, 2013

    dam if only this was like a dc universe expansion or update where u could choose to be spidermans mentor or venoms mentor would be so good oh well too bad

    • Vorunak on March 23, 2013

      But its “DC” Universe Online not “Marvel” Universe Online :/

      • ZhaoYun on March 24, 2013

        Fair enough i am just sayin it would be good if it was 😛 thats all

  14. m00tmike on March 23, 2013

    I play Super Hero Squad with my sons and it consistently crashes because of the unity player having issues. That’s with chrome and firefox. That game and this one are both by gazillion which really makes me wonder if this will be worth it or just another reason to scream at my pc.

    • iluvgamez on March 23, 2013

      Well, its client based so no need for unity player.
      But maybe think about a new pc? Never had any issuse with unity player and i use firefox. Or maybe try reinstall it. Its for sure not their fault.

    • Shudows on March 23, 2013

      I play the beta and there are still alot of bugs to be fixed, but the games is better then super hero squad and in no way u can compare these to so dont be afraid marvel heroes is awesome and the best thing that ever happened in the mmo scene 😀

      • WhySoSerious on March 27, 2013

        Best thing that happened in the mmo scene??? HARDLY!!! It’s an ok game but don’t feed them false hopes and dreams. Super Hero Squad was one of the worst I have played there is no comparison between SHS and Marvel Heroes I will agree with you there 🙂

  15. Mgamer on March 22, 2013

    no, we cant play as marvel villains 🙁

  16. Derpy on March 22, 2013

    AS AS long i can play as dead pool :I

  17. toketi on March 22, 2013

    2nd coment!!! and me coment is: COMING SOON

  18. Samuel L. Jackson on March 22, 2013

    Did you know I’m Black and Nick Fury isn’t?

    • Spunkify on March 22, 2013

      He is black like in the movie in this game.

      • LeiHngWei on March 23, 2013

        The movie Fury is based on the Ultimate version (which was based on Samuel L. Jackson), and the one in the game trailer is Nick Fury Jr..

        Don’t ask…