Today, Gazillion posted a Q&A on the upcoming launch of the Marvel Heroes Omega beta for PlayStation 4. The beta is available to players willing to pick up a Founder’s Pack via the PlayStation store or via signups to be announced at a later date.

To reward Closed Beta testers, Gazillion is promising any participating player will receive Daredevil for free. For PlayStation Plus members, there will be additional perks throughout the beta, including a costume for Daredevil, discounts on in-game currency purchases, and more.

Near the end of Closed Beta, Gazillion will kick off Early Access, which will be available to Founder’s Pack purchasers and closed beta participants who purchase Gs.

Players interested in the beta can find more information on the Marvel Heroes forums.

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  1. Sad to say it but this game is DEAD and has been. I don’t see this reviving it for more than a month or two.

    I spent multiple hundreds of hours and dollars and feel I got my money’s worth over the first couple years of the game. Tried to come back and it is just another mmorpg faction grinding game, loot is trash and generic, it’s obvious the developers working on the game now did little to capture what the original spirit of the game was.

  2. YES!!!!!! finally. I think the lack of PC updates due to working on a PS4 port is worth it in the end. What took them so long? I love this game, but it is completely empty on steam. Spreading to other platforms will definitely make the population bigger and potentially make more money to support the game.

    Now, if the port is only coming to PS4, please make it cross server with PC, just like Paragon, Street Fighter 5, Rocket League and others did.

    I love this game and want it to be successful and full of players.

  3. So this is why the game didn’t get any new content for the past year and a half. And when it finally did it was a bug riddled open beta for the console version. Real smooth Gaz, real smooth.


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